5 HD Collections I’d Love to See (

Kyle of writes:

"hile there are more great games to look forward to than ever before on current consoles, there are times when nothing goes down smoother than a pint of nostalgia. Many publishers are beginning to see this and, in the ever-dogged pursuit of our gaming dollar, are digging back in their catalogs to find classics worthy of a second release. These helpings run the gamut from updated legends like Ocarina of Time 3D to remastered HD collections of much-beloved franchises like Metal Gear Solid. For gamers, such a release is often a wonderful thing. Fans of the original get to experience their favorite moments in new ways, while newcomers have a reason to see what all the fuss was about. At the same time, publishers can gauge sales and use the re-release as both a stepping stone for a franchise reboot and a way of generating hype for the next installment."

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jacksonmichael2466d ago

I would switch Tony Hawk for Devil May Cry, but the list isn't terrible.

paybackprahl2465d ago

Lucky for you, a Devil May Cry HD Collection is already on the way! It's the main reason I didn't include it in my list. Already rated by the ESRB.

Minato-Namikaze2466d ago

I agree. But I'm not a big grand theft auto fan, so I'd switch that with Onimusha and add ratchet and clank

paybackprahl2465d ago

Thought hard about adding Ratchet and Clank, but ultimately decided I could get my fix with Tools of Destruction or Crack in Time. One of the big benefits of these five is that there isn't really a way to play them in our modern generation. No KH3, Tony Hawk is over, MML cancelled, Jak and Daxter - who knows? With the exception of GTA, these are all series where I'm hoping an HD collection could jumpstart further installments.

one2thr2466d ago

So my guess is that everyone forgot about "BLACK"?
I wish there was a HD collectors edition