Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD Hits PSN Tuesday, 50% Off for Plus Members

More classic Resident Evil horror is heading to the PlayStation Network next week with Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD! Claire Redfield, after narrowly escaping Raccoon City, is searching for her brother Chris. Captured while sneaking around an Umbrella facility and snooping for leads, Claire is hauled off to a maximum security prison installation on Rockfort Island. While making her escape, she realizes the island is being overrun by zombies and Bio-Organic Weapons.

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maniacmayhem2433d ago

Wow, 50% off!? That is truly a deal and a must have for those that never played it.

oldfriend862433d ago

Yes, both games have trophy support, though I heard that there's not that many and no platinum trophy. I am looking forward to Code: Veronica, but I have to say, these ports were pretty lazy.

P_Bomb2433d ago

Same story as RE4 where the 360 gets the full 1000gs http://www.xbox360achieveme... but the PS3 only gets 200gs (trophy equivalent) .

Still no comment from Capcom as to why. If it's an exclusive thing with MS then so be it, exclusives happen all the time, but their silence is kinda odd. Just answer the question, y'know?

soundslike2433d ago

Isn't CV the "real" RE3?

I can't believe I never got this for dreamcast

oldfriend862433d ago

You mean the "real RE4".

RE3 came out before CV.

soundslike2433d ago

I know it did -_-

but I remember there was fuss about 3 due to its gameplay structure

DigitalRaptor2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

50% off is cool and all, but $19.99/£14.99 standard pricing for this game is an absolute joke.

They're not even remastered and have pathetic trophy lists.

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