Microsoft reversing recent Xbox Live bans caused by software error

Microsoft is reversing specific Xbox Live bans, issued between August 29 and September 9, that were caused by a software error. The platform holder is looking to console those affected by providing them with three free months of Xbox Live and 1600 Microsoft Points ($20) for the inconvenience. Customers who were affected don't have to do anything -- the company is in the process of reversing the bans and updating appropriate accounts.

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MultiConsoleGamer2491d ago

Get your sh** together microsoft.

-Mika-2491d ago

Ya but at-least the people affected get 3 free months and $20 worth of points.

radphil2491d ago


Wish these responses were around when the whole PSN debacle was going on.

Also it's funny, those that were on the articles earlier about people being banned "deserved it", hopefully things like this will finally get some instigators to stop.

Nothing is perfect.

kreate2491d ago


i know right?
on earlier articles ppl were saying those ppl are at fault and their mighty MS is the innocent one doing the rightful thing.

if u think without bias, u can kinda tell the fault is at minimum, both sides, if not, its MS just being MS.

ppl who are old enough should know MS is known for being a shady ass company since the 90's. be a xbox fanboy, not a MIcrosoft fanboy.

in this particular issue though. MS just made a mistake.

gogospeedracer2491d ago

I'm not lashing out at MS for a glitch.
People are becoming overly sensitive aren't they?

I don't get mad when PSN goes down.
I don't get angry when Live does the same.
I like Acitivision just fine.
I like EA as well!
I also like Battlefield and COD. I like Mass Effect.

I suppose I'm just a different bred of man. I know there are others just like me who don't let the little things get to them.

Bubble up if you are a Man!

Bubble up if you are Man!

theonlylolking2491d ago

I hate EA more than acitivsion but both are bad.

ljh2172491d ago

I'll take a weeks ban for three months live and 1600 MS points. Seriously though, glad Microsoft is doing the right thing for once!

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IM_A_NINJA2491d ago

Things happen, Microsoft stepped up and fixed the error. Everyone wins in the end. Glad this got resolved. Also glad Microsoft actually does ban the idiots that do deserve it. Whenever I come across someone that cheats or glitches I report them ASAP.

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