Studio Behind Dark Souls Finds New Way To Punish Early-Release Players

ObnoxiousGamer: Fans who purchased or downloaded early copies of Dark Souls found themselves in a situation they couldn’t overcome – literally

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MeatAbstract2521d ago

We know already. This story has been posted many times now.

princejb1342521d ago

this is BS to me why would they punish the player, they should punish the retail selling it
and why would they punish someone who's making you money that makes no sense, either you want the game to sell or you don't

looza2521d ago

Ughhh pretty sure it was implemented to punish the people that downloaded the game. Just so happen early copy purchaser is also affected.

MeatAbstract2521d ago

But this was the Japanese release only, they're weird over there, I bet they thought it was funny and kooky. Over here we'd all go apeshit about it because it'll be 'really unfair' wah wah wah.

It's From Software having they're own unique punishment for they're own unique game. Players could have opted to play offline but they didn't. Since the release day was still days away, why not have some fun with the early players. Also the release day has come and gone.

2521d ago
beavis4play2521d ago

yea, they should send black phantoms to the stores.

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dangert122521d ago

Why punish the player and not the retailer?

Tanir2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

cuz a black phantom cant attack ebay, walmart or any physical company? lol

dangert122521d ago

Oh i thought it was an early game released

Ser2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

To you people complaining about punishing the player:

Why should the honest players have to suffer the wrath of monstrously over-leveled PVP griefers? Give 'em what for, From Software! I for one am VERY glad that no one will have the advantage of early leveling.

Reborn2521d ago


This article again?