186 Blade & Soul Screenshots Emerge From The Korean Beta. Show Lots of NPCs, Sexy Ladies, Muskets

A whole slew of Blade & Soul screenshot has emerged from the closed beta of the upcoming martial arts action MMORPG by NCSoft.

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Lavalamp2524d ago

God I love Hyung Tae Kim's art style. I remember they said this was coming to the PS3. If they come through with that, I'm so getting this game.

Abriael2524d ago

I think all plans for MMORPGs on the PS3 have been set aside by NCsoft long ago, unfortunately.

FEARprototype2524d ago

had me it sexy lady.
but seriously, i,ve been waiting for this mmo from the first time i saw the Korean trailers some years ago.
the wait is killing me!

Abriael2524d ago

I believe the wait is killing everyone that wants a MMORPG a bit different than usual :D