Weekly Sales Analysis, 17 September 2011 - Dragon Quest 25 Years

"Overview - The 3DS remains above 200,000; however the PlayStation 3 falls below that mark this week as sales are 40,000 (32%) above where they were before the price cut. Even with the 3DS this year, hardware sales are down by a quarter compared to last year. Software sales are down both week on week and year on year. There are four debuts in the top 40, which is down from seven last week. The 25 year anniversary of Dragon Quest is being celebrated with the release of Dragon Quest 25 Shuunen Kinin: Famicom & Super Famicom Dragon Quest I-II-III (Wii) in Japan. Software milestones this week: Dead Island (X360) crosses the half a million mark; Wii Sports Resort passes the 28 million mark; and Call of Duty: Black Ops (X360) reaches the 13 million mark. Five games sold over 100,000, down from seven last week, and the top 13 sold over 50,000, down from 16 last week."

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