5 PC games that are better on console

CVG staff writes:We're all aware of the situation. From a technology perspective, PC kicks consoles around the room with relative ease.

But anyone who appreciates a bit of narrative, creativity or even comfort will tell you that great gaming isn't always about raw power and magic graphics.

We want an experience that hits the spot in every way and, while a PC will turn out the technical champion every time, if you ask us, some games just don't quite fit the desktop set up.

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gravemaker2492d ago

bullshit article
portal 2 better on pc(graphics and mods, controls)
fallout better on pc(graphics, mods, controls)
crysis 2 obviously better on pc(amazing graphics, controls, mods, free online)
call of duty 2? seriously?
bejeweled? wtf

Agent-862492d ago

I agree, this list just doesn't cut it. Look, I'm a PC gamer and I can admit when a game is better on console. EA sports games come to mind. I had FIFA 10 on PC and PS3: the PS3 version was much better. FIFA 12, though, looks like it might finally have a winner on PC.

evrfighter2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

and you all (not u guys agent and grave specifically) thought I was crazy for saying this web site is a no name web site that trolls for hits.

can't ignore the 10 ton elephant in the middle of the room now can you lol.

Tony P2492d ago

The only games I can really think of that are better on consoles are those with poor PC ports like GTA IV, most Silent Hills, and a lot of Japanese-made games in particular.

RankFTW2492d ago

Is the author of this article taking the piss or does he really believe this crap lol.

cond3m3r2492d ago

Who let this article through?!? Complete and utter BS. I was expecting to read an article that might say something about multiplayer experience better on console than pc, but nope.

gogospeedracer2492d ago

Trying to bring the PC into the fanboy wars? Awesome job!

ProjectVulcan2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Can't find fault with your post gravemaker. I chose all four of the full retail titles on PC for simple control reasons. Besides this the visuals are considerably better and several support mods. As for Bejeweled, i would rather play it on a phone/tablet than sat in front of a tv or monitor. Its that kind of perfect mobile game.

Besides this too, the likes of Valve/Bethesda/Infinity Ward/Crytek are originally PC developers anyway! Portal 2 is as much a PC game as i have ever seen. To be expected from Valve. Valve aren't dumb, they know where their audience really lies, and that would be on their billion dollar a year steam platform.

Whoever wrote this truly lost the plot. Next they'll be telling us why using PS3's internet browser is better than using one on a PC- because of the 'experience'. Despite the fact its....rubbish lol

just_looken2492d ago

i agree they should have listed the lost planet series and any other unplayable bad console port.

princejb1342492d ago

is funny how they showed call of duty 2 and than they went on to write about halo lmao

"There was a time when they said the first-person shooter couldn't be done on consoles, that it would always be a PC exclusive genre.

That all changed in 2001 when Bungie waltzed in with Halo: Combat Evolved, showing the world that, well, it was wrong"

007 goldeneye in n64 was the first successful fps on consoles who proved everyone wrong

nutcrackr2492d ago

Agreed, terrible article. Fallout 3 being there is enough. the mods maketh the game.

slayorofgods2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

these are the most obviously better on pc then consoles. I think they got the tittle wrong.

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callahan092492d ago

Portal 2
"For Portal 2 we wanted a sofa, a beanbag, a waterbed, something that we can have a good comfortable think in."

Fallout 3
"The wastelands of Fallout 3 make up a world that you simply have to just explore, absorb and get lost in. We can't do that hunched in front of our desktops."

Crysis 2
"This one comes with slightly different reasoning. In a way it's perhaps not fair to knock the PC version of Crysis 2 in comparison to its console counterpart, but for PS3 and 360 players the sequel had so much more impact."

Call of Duty 2
"It wasn't until 2005 that Call of Duty came to console when its second iteration hit Xbox 360. There are, of course, still plenty of people out there who swear by the keyboard/mouse combination over the game pad but the console community made Call of Duty in particular into a whole new beast."

"Who wants to play Bejeweled on a PC? Give us a Bejeweled RPG where players can customise their jewel with items, spells and abilities - then we'll talk."

So let me get this straight: 2 of them are listed because they think sofas & coffee tables are more comfortable than chairs & desks, and they seem to be completely unaware that you can plug a controller into your PC and hook your PC up to your TV and play it in the exact same manner as you would a console if that's how you prefer to do it.

Then there's the "Crysis 2 is better on console because console players never got to play Crysis 1" argument, which I don't even have words to describe how crazy that is.

And then there's the basic Call of Duty 2 argument, "Xbox Live is the most popular online gaming environment," but completely ignores that the game is still better on PC, with better servers, better controls, and better technical capabilities in terms of graphics and framerate.

And finally, Bejeweled? Umm... what? Who in their right mind would rather play Bejeweled with a thumbstick or a d-pad instead of a mouse? The mouse is by far the easiest way to quickly locate and interact with the jewel you want to click. They want a Bejeweled RPG instead of standard Bejeweled, and that's somehow a reason to prefer Bejeweled on consoles? Well, newsflash, Bejeweled is Bejeweled no matter where you play it, and if you want Bejeweled RPG it's called Puzzle Quest and you can play it on your PC as well.

This article has me shaking my head like never before. What is wrong with these people!!

gogospeedracer2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Looking for hits mate!

BattleTorn2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

there should be a bubble+ catagory called 'pwned' or "debunked!"

I guess 'well said' will have to due

STK0262492d ago

While I agrre with most of your post callahan09, I'd say bejeweled is best played on a touchscreen, but that's just my personal opinion.

As for Call of duty 2, how was it in any way better on Xbox? The author could at least have chosen CoD:Black Ops or MW2, as these 2 games are better on Xbox 360 due to the fact that a majority of people play them on the X360, which I doubt was the case for CoD2...

Raider692492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Young people,different generation and mentality!They let kids/people with console mentality write this kind of articles.From the written i can only assume this fellow began is gaming days on a recent console generation and didn't had the time our will to go a little deep on PC gaming.

No Way2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

I agree ! They are just fishing for hits, like most sites nowadays.

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Pandamobile2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I don't.... What? They didn't even give any real reasons as to why they're better on consoles...

Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

solar2492d ago

when i saw Portal 2 on the list i knew this list was gonna be a laugh.

caperjim2492d ago

Im speechless. What a joke article but im not surprised it got approved on N4G.

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