New Skyrim Info Blowout

GR - "The latest issue of Edge magazine has brought us a slew of new details on Bethesda's next entry in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim."

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soundslike2366d ago

I really hope this game feels fresh and not just a slightly different Oblivion...

fingers crossed.

gogospeedracer2366d ago

Diapers blow out so you are saying this does too? Hehehe

Spitfire_Riggz2366d ago

Like how New vegas was a slightly different Fallout 3? Or no

RedDead2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Take the good stuff from Morrowind, put a shiny new battles system on with some new graphics. Set in Skyrim instead of MW. Radiant Ai. That's Skyrim from what i've seen. Lovely handcrafted world. Level scaling not bare bones etc

@ hqequmopapisdn
There are Golems as well as Atronarchs haha

t0mmyb0y2366d ago

Better keep your fingers crossed,... crossed? .......crossed!

zeddy2365d ago

i dont care if it is similar, just give me new quests and weapons and im happy.

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Bigpappy2366d ago

I want info on how the economy works.

Dovahkiin2366d ago

I want to know if i can have a bear as a companion.

03212365d ago

You can't, It already been confirmed that you can only have dogs and human companions.

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AllyOmega2366d ago

GOURDS CONFIRMED!!!! I used to hate this game, but now I'm pre-ordering. I simply DO NOT play games that do not have gourds. It's immoral, in my opinion.

YodaCracker2366d ago

I have lost a lot of sleep recently worrying whether or not they would include gourds. Finally my fears have been put to rest. I'm going to sleep well tonight!

2365d ago
guitarded772366d ago

Hmmm... an article about an article about a game. Interesting.

Hazmat132365d ago

yo dawg i heard you like articls so we put a article within an article.

pipipi2366d ago

thanx again gameranx!!!! keep the good work

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The story is too old to be commented.