Blaze of Glory: The Final Games of the PSP and DS

New hardware launches bring with them a flood of new software, perfect for early adopters eager to show off their new kit. Unfortunately, this wave of titles usually overlaps with new releases from the previous generation, causing the latter to get lost in the mania typically caused by superior hardware. As the 3DS takes Nintendo's center stage and the Vita hogs Sony's portable attention, games for the original DS and PSP are still on the way -- albeit quietly.

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fluffydelusions2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Well Sony has been quite well known to support their hardware well after release of its successor. And given a new PSP model is releasing soon I'm sure PSP will continue to get games for a while. As far as the DS well I'm not to familiar with Nintendos practices anymore.

ssb31732464d ago

I dont think that the DS will quit making games yet, look at the ps2, it was so popular that they still make games for it. the ds has sold even more and will continue its streak

Hicken2464d ago

The PS2 is Sony. The DS is Nintendo. See what Nintendo did with the Gamecube? Expect that for the DS. Don't expect five years of support for the DS.

CrescentFang2464d ago

The DS and PSP won't die out easily in Japan, they'll be supported for a while. Though in NA Sony may support the PSP for a long time I don't think consumers will (at least with lesser known games).

TheLastGuardian2464d ago

Unfortunately, none of these PSP games appeal to me. I need to start saving up for Vita games anyway.

Canary2464d ago

Doesn't the PSP still have something like 2 more Legend of Heroes titles and another Ys? Those are all pretty big-profile.

And Frontier Gate, of course.

And there are still several high-profile Japan-only games to look forward to: though I'm hoping several will make the jump to Vita sooner rather than later. I need some TOTSUGKEI LOVE HEART on Vita.

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