Sequels That Should Have Been: Vietcong 3

"The insects buzz everywhere around you. The strange croaking of some reptile echoes in the green hell. You clutch your gun, and, squinting, you spy through the dense jungle. Somewhere out there Charlie’s staring back. Chances are you won’t notice him until you’re two feet away from each other. Luck decides who walks away, and who gets to end his miserable existence with a bayonet in his gullet. You curse this place, and whatever officer put you on this mission. What’s the point anyway? What use are we in this hellhole? You hear the distant sound of footsteps. The cracking of branches. The sloshing sound of boots wading through a bog. Now’s your chance. Stay quiet, and keep a straight shot."

Nightmare Mode has taken a look at the two previous Vietcong titles, and makes a case for why a third game is desirable.

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