Rocksmith to Let You Get Your Rock On With a Friend

Today, Ubisoft® announced that the Rocksmith™ Real Tone Cable, a unique 1/4"-to-USB cable, will be available for individual purchase at retailers throughout North America when Rocksmith launches on October 18.

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TerminalGamer2520d ago

Rocksmith is going to change the way we think about music games

ftwrthtx2520d ago

I wish they would have created this game to start with.

ironwolf2520d ago

Another game I'll need to pick up. I need something like this to keep me from getting bored while practicing on my own.

Izowiuz2520d ago

REAPER + NI Guitar Rig, best game evah ; P

kc_chang2520d ago

This could be the one that everyone has been hoping for. Looking forward to it.

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