Tokyo Game Show And The Stock Market. Nintendo Recovers. PS Vita Keeps Sony Afloat

Giuseppe Nelva of DualShockers analyzes the reactions of the stock market to the events during and immediately after Tokyo Game Show 2011, looking at how investors sold or purchased stock of the major game publishers.

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Coopertone 2310d ago

Both Nintendo and Sony fans can rejoice!

Sorry Microsoft gang xD

Abriael2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Eh, Microsoft isn't considered for a simple reason, it's not listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and didn't take part heavily in TGS.

Actually their stock has been growing as well at the NY stock exchange during the TGS days. So i guess is all around good news, including microsoft :P

Garrison2310d ago

In other news.. The Microsoft 360 keeps MICROSOFT afloat.
Huh..wait.. isn't..MICROSOFT like the biggest or top 3 biggest SOFTWARE companies in the world?? The 360 could be utter fail and the company would take a hit yes but NO. It doesn't need the 360 to LIVE.
Neither does SONY, which is one of the biggest if not the biggest Electronic's and entertainment giant in the world.

Abriael2310d ago

"keep afloat" as in prevents sony's stock to drop due to a difficult economic situation. No one's' talking about doom or bankrupcy. Reading the article normally helps understanding :D

doctorstrange2310d ago

You can't use gaming news to provide a view on how Sony or MS perform on stock exchanges. They are simply too large, too diverse companies.

Abriael2310d ago

Of course, the article does mention that I believe.

MasterCornholio2310d ago

And Capcom fell a bit

LOL was never expecting that.