30 FPS... Who Cares?! Why You Should Buy Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360

PlanetXbox360: "The Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 has a lot going against it right now. With a visually superior PC version to compete with and downloadable content coming first on the PlayStation 3, it is likely many will not be purchasing this title for Microsoft's console. Overlooking the 360 version because of these setbacks is a huge mistake for a number of reasons, and I am here to fill you in on why."

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Xwow20082436d ago

Just buy the game for the platform u like the most....end of discussion.

Peppino72436d ago

Correct. I'm actually contemplating buying it for my new pc and for ps3 since I have a lot more console buddies. Dumb idea???

RedDead2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Me too ^. I know Pc version is the one I want to play, but I want to play with friends too. The best thing we could possibly do is convinve our friend to invest in a PC haha

Spitfire_Riggz2436d ago

No, A lot of people I know are doing that me included. To experience the best B3 get it on PC but also on ps3 because i have so many friends on there

Ravens202436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

What a fail article. Have any of you guys actually read it? It's a joke!

Biased article, if you have a PC or PS3, there is no reason to get it on 360 over the PS3 or PC other than to play with friends on 360.

Writer is just grasping at straws

wsoutlaw872436d ago

I was thinking the same thing, I'm getting it for ps3 either way but im going to try the beta on both and if the pc is just way better ill get it on that too later, which i doubt. I don't care about the graphics when it looks as good as it does on ps3 but if the bigger maps and player limits really add to the experience then i will get it

Anon19742436d ago

"Let's face it, Sony's PlayStation Network simply can't compare to the feature rich, community based world of Xbox Live."

Wanna even attempt to back up that opinionated tripe? I've used both services extensively over the years and each service has it's pros and cons but I find them very comparable, and ultimately chose the PSN for all my online gaming. For me, the only notable differences were cross game chat and party chat, two features I never felt were of any value to me. And on the PSN side, there were a tonne of features from PSN+ to Home to the Internet Browser that I find far more useful then the ability to chat with buddies playing a different game. I'm gaming. If I wanted to chat, I'd call or invite you over for a bbq or something.

So then it just came down to a matter of price and where all my friends and family game, and for me that made PSN an easy choice.

I love when articles make claims like that that they don't even attempt to back up.

LukaX232436d ago

I'm getting both PS3 & PC versions as well.

ApplEaglElephant2436d ago

I will buy the best version available to me..

If you only have 360, thats fine. It still is great game on 360

However, telling us to buy the inferior version even if we have the choice is just sad.

Fanboys grasping at straws.

Boody-Bandit2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Hell no Peppino, that's not a dumb idea. The more ways to enjoy a great game the better.

EVILDEAD3602436d ago

Lol @ people who used to brag about not wanting to spend money on Xbox Live claim to have used it 'extensively'..

Give Xwow a bubble for being smart enough not to fall into the flame trap that gets the usual trolls fired up

Buy it for your console of of preference..PS3 or 360..this game is going to be a big event..for two weeks at



Motorola2436d ago

I'm getting on PS3 AND PC, because of stupid Origin....I hate it.

Dee_912436d ago

HA! im gettin the wii u version
say hi to last gen for me chaps
ciao !

SixZeroFour2436d ago

im getting it for 360 cause its the only console i own and suck with a keyboard and mouse or else i would get it for pc as well

luckily 360 has party chat too so we can communicate with 2 squads...hate that dice made it limited to 4 again like bad company

The_Claw2436d ago


your wrong about the chat system. It will be open to the entire team by default, and players can hop into dedicated channels if they so choose.

Sarcasm2435d ago

It might sound crazy, but I'm getting it on both PS3 and PC.

My cheaper console friends don't have a high end PC, so they're getting the PS3 versions but I have a ton of fun playing with them.

But I'm definitely going to play the single player experience on the PC and play the online mode in that time to time.

AngryTypingGuy2435d ago

Question: Has there ever been an instance where the performance of one version of a multiplatform game is SO MUCH BETTER on one console than the other where it makes that big of a difference?

I'm not talking about content, like when the PS3 version of Arkham Asylum had a bonus Joker level, for example, just strictly performance.

bligmerk2435d ago

I did this with Bad Company 2, bought both the PC and PS3 version. The PS3 version was not bad but it is a startling difference from the PC version. In some ways, the PS3 online was more fun but the resolution and gameplay were definitely inferior to the PC. Still play both off and on though. Will probably do the same for BF3, sounds kind of crazy but there are good reasons.

jeseth2435d ago


Anyone buying this game for whatever platform they have doesn't need this child justifying the 360.

360 owners are gonna buy this game no matter what this tool says.

SixZeroFour2435d ago

@the_claw - oh well thats awesome, glad they chose to do that this time around, really was a big hassle on bfbc2

either way tho, im still using party chat lol cause the sound quality is way better than in game chat (at least when using the mics that came with the 360)...and still unsure why MS could only make the party chat quality better with one of the previous dashboard updates but not all audio as a whole

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soundslike2436d ago

"but I'm insecure and need my opinion validated, something I strangely try to acquire by berating people who do not share it"

ReservoirDog3162436d ago

Haha, very well put.

And @ above, I can't really tell you how to spend your money but I would pass on one version (I recommend pc and maybe get it later on a sale since there's always sales on the pc) and support other games coming out.

C_Menz2436d ago

Why would you pass on the PC game if you want BF3? It is the best version, you'd be better off getting it on a console later if you want to wait for a cheap version.

ReservoirDog3162436d ago

Well yeah, I know but I gave the reason. With sales, it'll probably hit $30 on the pc within a few weeks.

He said he has more friends on consoles so I figure just play to that strength. And support another game with that money.

MaxOpower2436d ago

WELL IIIIIIIIIIII DISAGREE! I think you should buy it for a the platform you like the LEAST!

fr00ty-wizenhymer2436d ago

Oh yeah, this article i defiantly unbiased, it's not like the website is called PlanetXbox360 or anything. /sarcasm

Fact is that 60 FPS DOES make a big difference. If you're a casual player than it really won't but if you play a game seriously than you need the 60 frames. Which is another reason high competitive gaming is almost exclusive to PC (along with superior aiming, etc.).

You can buy it on console and I'm sure it'd be a fun game and you'll have a great time, but just remember this: YOU ARE NOT PLAYING THE REAL BATTLEFIELD. While PC players will be played at higher framerates, with more player counts, bigger maps, etc etc. That is the real BF.

Also, just adding this in, I like the dualshock for shooters over the 360 controller. (I own PS3, 360, Wii and PC)

A-Glorious-Dawn2435d ago

Yeah the PC version will be superior, but it does not undermine it's own integrity on another platform. It will still be a great game on PS3/360.

I have a PC that will probably run it on High, but I'll still get the game for PS3 for two reasons;

1. I play best with a DS3 (I also prefer it for fps over KB/M and the Xbox controller)

2. Nearly every online acquaintance I have made has been through my console..

Of course, I will almost certainly pick this game up on PC eventually, through a sale or something...

frostypants2436d ago

This whole article reads like something from 2 years ago. PSN outages are common? What??? No. PSN downloads are slow? WHAT??? No. In fact my downloads are faster through PSN than Live. It depends on your ISP. Finally, he says this little nugget:

"Not everyone that plays online with their PS3 has a headset, unlike 360 owners who all have headsets because they come packed in with the console."

Not all 360s come with a headset. And even though most do, the vast majority of CoD players I come across have them turned off.

This article is just re-hashed fanboyism that has nothing to do with BF3.

princejb1342436d ago

graphics isn't everything as long as you enjoy the gameplay and just because a dlc is coming out first in one console and than another doesn't mean people should not buy

SilentNegotiator2436d ago

Every time I think 'Wow, PX360 couldn't sink much lower', I'm proven wrong. PX360 downplaying early content (because it's not on the 360 for once) and PC's better visuals.....sad.

Is this REALLY the sort of thing they have to resort to? There are at least plenty of multiplatform games coming that they could discuss, right?

kikizoo2436d ago

wow, "planetxbox360" ..bunch of delusionals fanboyz.

"controler vastly superior" "xbl vastly superior" LOL, total denial and misinformed donkeys..

Jazz41082436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

and I should believe n4g people who are clearly biased to the ps3. A lot of people prefer live over thepsn and enough do that ms makes billions of dollars off of them. Psn is not on the same level as the 360 but its free. I do own a ps3 and it has way to many installs and firmware updates. I know when I havenot played my 360 for a while that I can still turn it on and put my brand new game in and play it right away. With the ps3 I'm at least looking at an mandatory install an game update and afirmware update if its been a couple weeks. The 360 controller with its triggers are better for shooters while I like ds for rpgs. My point is I believe live is vastly superior and the ps3 is just to slow and to much like a pc to me. I bought a console to game and ps3 has to much extra steps to play a game and for the most part the games ure usually equal or bettr imo on the 360.

deadie2435d ago

You havent got a clue have you?
Its quite obvious you never actually played online on psn.
Never go into a war without the proper intel cuz you'll end up losing it.
A little to-have-and-to-hold tip to you for your future messageboarding endeavours.

You can thank me later.


OdinFallen2435d ago

Sir, how dare you come on this website and say something logical and rational? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

olLANDSHARKlo2435d ago

@ Darkride66, I just looked up your xbox live gamertag, you barely have any games on 360, don't claim extensively, when it's not. And yes live is leaps and bounds better than psn, psn has gotten better since ps2, but it's still trash. Now look at both of my I.D.'s on PSN and Live. I can claim to have played both extensively. Stop being a fanboy and enjoy gaming kid.

chriski3332435d ago

Very stupid article the game will be awesome no matter which system u buy it for so can we all just chill?

Ulf2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

"Just buy the game for the platform u like the most....end of discussion"

LoL at the 7 disagrees this comment had, when I wrote this response. If you take this as a statistical sample, approximately 4% of all N4G posters thrive solely upon making trouble on the site.

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lance422436d ago

I'm getting it for PC, mainly because I just build a new one. But I have a PS3 and 360 as well. I'm sure it's fine on all 3.

Dovahkiin2436d ago

I believe you have just posted the world's first comment to be immune to disagrees.

OT: I'll be buying for PC once i buy one powerful enough.

andibandit2435d ago

I just disagreed in the true spirit of N4G

lorianguy2435d ago

@Mr. Bandit Whoa! YOU REBEL!

Dovahkiin2435d ago


gravemaker2436d ago

i dont care about xbox, i will buy it for pc
i have ps3 and 360, and i will choose better option

Pandamobile2436d ago

"Oh, yeah, and don't even get me started on the DualShock 3... a controller that is vastly inferior to the 360's when playing first person shooters."

Hahaha that's like arguing who can limp faster with crutches.

Fishy Fingers2436d ago

Haha. That wont go down well.

Pandamobile2436d ago

Well it's true, is it not? The slight displacement in analogue sticks isn't going to tip the tables in terms of FPS usability in any meaningful manner.

JellyJelly2436d ago

Indeed. I game on 360 but you can't compare gamepads to mouse + keyboard when it comes to FPS (or RTS) games.

LOGICWINS2436d ago

Pandamobile is far as FPS games are concerned. For other genres such as fighting for example, a controller is the way to go.

evrfighter2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

And logic is right with that statement.

And sports games. I buy nba2k every year on my pc though I will be skipping 2k12 and use the 360 controller for it.

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Why o why2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

i just wish sony would push the devs to utilise mouse n keyboard support like epic did with unreal tournament. I'd prefer that over move as its more natural for me

Pandamobile2436d ago

Then they have to split the community into two sections.

You can't throw controller users together with people using a mouse and keyboard without some heavy duty rage coming from the controller users.

They'd have to segregate everyone. Have mouse/keyboard only servers, have controller only servers, have mixed servers.

It all leads to one big mess.

Why o why2436d ago

Its been done with move enabled games be it mostly first party but it can work. A simple filter would surfice

LOGICWINS2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

"i just wish sony would push the devs to utilise mouse n keyboard support like epic did with unreal tournament."

Not likely to happen, because they want you to buy PS Move instead. Also, Sony wants people to buy PS3 exclusives. If you buy PS Move, chances are your going to have to invest in PS3 exclusive games since MOST PS Move games are only on the PS3.

"A simple filter would surfice"

Ah, so you mean a filter for either DualShock, Move, or Mouse/Keyboard players. Thats a great idea. However, if the community is divided in 3 ways, that means there will be less players for each game.

Also, all 3 communities will have to be divided once again because not every player has all the DLC maps.

Like Pandamobile said, it would be one HUGE mess.

cyclonus0072436d ago

CS: GO will have Dualshock, Move, and mouse & keyboard support.

LOGICWINS2436d ago

^^Yup..we'll see how well that fares soon enough.

DaTruth2436d ago

One hurts my shoulder and arm, one cramps my hand and fingers, I wouldn't care about either, but I bought Move before I knew it hurts!

Move is great for Move games, but it burns like Hell playing FPS's!

Ju2436d ago

How does Move hurt? You'll have it on your knees and can move it just so slightly. Works perfect.

LOGICWINS2436d ago

"One hurts my shoulder and arm, one cramps my hand and fingers, I wouldn't care about either, but I bought Move before I knew it hurts!"

Lay down on your bed and put a pillow under the arm that your using Move with...problem solved. I do this and I've never experienced any discomfort with Move.

Why o why2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Fair points guys. Move may of just killed off any chance of mouse n keys on the ps and the filters could make it messy even though most games would still have enough players to fill enough games there would ultimately be less guys to shoot at. The dlc issue isnt that big a deal. Pc gamers have dealt with that or eons. I remember playing custom maps (remember those) on unreal tournament nearly a decade ago knowing that unless the map was popular most people wouldnt have it. Consoles rigidness does have some advantages in this respect as there is always a maximum number of maps, you assume he's playing in his bedroom and that his bed is perfectly placed......dude may not even have pillows:). The knee trick seems to be the most energy saving methods. Lactic acid is a bi7ch.

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soundslike2436d ago

hate all you want, a level playing field is a level playing field.

ultimately I would prefer mouse in my right hand, and controller with macros in the other, however any uniform advantage is a uniform disadvantage and vice versa

A-Glorious-Dawn2435d ago

I sort of agree with you, for me the weak point of the PC set up is the keyboard....

I talked about this on another site, how there should be a user interface to replace the keyboard that allows for analog lateral movement..
That would make me game on my PC a LOT more.

digger182436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

The dualshock 3 has better analog sticks for fps, much smaller dead zone than the Xbox 360's controller. This has been proven by quite a few sites.

Ser2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Sorry, but I hate the mouse and keyboard, and this is coming from someone that grew up with CS 1.6 and BF1942. I've always preferred a DualShock, always will.

I couldn't care less about which one is "faster" or "superior."

I would absolutely love cross-platform play sometime in the future. I'd love to own some PC players with my "crutches."

Bladesfist2436d ago

Good luck lol. Playing CS against all the "pros" on pc is hard enough when im using a keyboard and mouse.

andibandit2435d ago

"I would absolutely love cross-platform play sometime in the future. I'd love to own some PC players with my "crutches."

Yeah if you fancy a 0.0001 Kill Death Ratio

Trust me, KB/Mouse users will own you so bad, you'll wanna play tabletop games.

Ser2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

All of you naysayers are just blowing hot air.

Until the day comes where cross-platform play is available, your threats are nothing but empty baskets of nothingness.

I love how you people think console gamers are handicapped in some way just because of the controllers. Bring it on, I say. I'll be more than happy to prove you fellas wrong.

Trust me, andibandit, I would provide my fair share of ownage as well.

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