How NOT to suck at Gears of War 3

So Gears of War 3 has been out long enough for noobs to begin figuring out the best way to snag themselves some undeserved, cheap and downright disgusting kills. So we at ButtonCombo have put together this handy guide of how NOT to suck online whilst playing Gears 3 . In it we will be covering the best ways to make sure you don’t get labelled a dirty noob. Hit the link and check it it out.

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ashbc2250d ago

Every Gears game has the bunch of fucking noobs. Whether chainsaw, sawed off or retro lancer. i get so pissed off

gogospeedracer2250d ago

Haha Sounds like you might be the noob. There are ways to counter each of those assaults!

Captain Qwark 92250d ago

dude what is with people like you man, everybody has to start somewhere who the hell cares if somebody is a noob? look at it as a free kill if your "sooooooooo" good...douche

RedDead2250d ago

So these noobs are killing you?

mendicant2250d ago


That was great dude. Bubbs and an agree.

gogospeedracer2250d ago

He needs those bubbles! Haha

DirtyLary2250d ago

noob for using the weapons given? Never understand the mentality of you entitled gamers.

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Fishy Fingers2250d ago

Gears is a pretty simple game to pick up and figure out, few sessions and you'll be killing nubs in no time.

WillGuitarGuy2250d ago

"In it we will be covering..." Yes.

Alacrist2250d ago

Hmm today is the 23th this game came out on this 20th, and there should be no noobs.... /sarcasm

Jack_DangerousIy2250d ago

LMAO! Thank you for saying that. Though I am slightly disappointed that someone beat me to it. :)

This is the 1rd time I've ever seen someone make that mistake.

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The story is too old to be commented.