Is Resident Evil 4 HD Worth Your Time?

Resident Evil 4 made a triumphant and somewhat unexpected return on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the form of Resident Evil 4 HD. But is it worth your time and your money? Should you invest in the remake of this Survival-Horror classic?

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Solidus187-SCMilk2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

ahha the guy saying 4 and 5 are the best in the series in a total noob and fool. Re 1-CV are by far the best IMO.

Im about half-way through Re4 HD playing it for the first time and it is better than 5 so far, but with RE 4 they turned the series into a good action game, instead of n aamazing survival horror zombie game like 1-CV.

Once I finish 4 I will have finished all RE 1-5 and RE 2 is still my favorite. Ive even just played RE 1, 2, and 3 again within the last month and it seemes that the controls fit the originals better than RE 4 and 5 controls fit in modern times with camera control and lots of enimies coming after you at once.

For re 4/5 they have almost kept the same exact controls from the Re 1-cv and tried to put those controls into a 3rd person action game, and it really feels strange. It is easy once you get used to it but they really should have come up with a different control scheme for RE4/5 since it no longer uses fixed camera angles or prerendered backgrounds.

I would like RE 6 to take the series back to its roots less action game, more survival horror with limited ammo, zombies/monsters, story from different characters perspectives, etc. Could be awesome with the full 3d backgrounds and an updated control scheme, not putting the onld controls of the RE1-cv into an action game like in RE 4/5.

RE 4/5 are good games but I think that RE 1-3 were way better for their time. I just dont see re 4 or 5 as survival horror, just action 3rd person shooters.

RE 4 seems alot more creepy than 5 tho and thats good. It is a kind of lazy port, Crisp visuals look good but textures look bad in most places. Im pretty sure GC could do better textures in most places, so I think its a mix of different versions maybe. Ive seen a bad PS2 or worse texture run into a better looking GC looking one and it looked bad like a line in the ground where the bad looking texture met the slightly less bad one.

But overall RE 4 is a good RE action game, fits better with the RE series then RE 5 I think, but probably not "the best in the series" if you liked the original PS1 RE games the most like I did.

Mike_Tha_Hero2465d ago

So I see you're apart of the group who doesn't prefer 4/5 simply because it isn't similar in gameplay and theme to the first few games.

Bad reason to hate on the best entries in the series gameplay-wise. If you want RE1, go play RE1.

SoapShoes2465d ago

Uh... he did play RE1, did you not read his comment?

Mike_Tha_Hero2465d ago

Yes, and if he likes it so much then don't expect all future RE's to be just like it. Just go play RE1, 2, 3.

skyblue142132465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )


I don't get your logic or points in your responses. RE 1-CVX is mainly responsible for what made the series so popular in the first place, and at that time was capcom's #1 top selling franchise. RE 4 was the worst resident evil game that I have played simply because it was a non-resident evil game, and I own all of the resident evil games for the ps1, ps2, ps3, and gc.

All re4 did for the series was improve the gameplay mechanics meanwhile regressing in every other avenue and for the most part degraded the series which did way more harm than good for the series.

Before I played re4 I could not wait to play each new release in the series, ever since re 4 I could care less about each new release(unless the series goes back to it's roots but with welcome improvements.). Which means for the most part that I will be picking up each future release in the series(that is if I decide a particular release is worth picking up) when they get to near bargain bin prices because I am not going to pay top dollar for a mediocre, generic, run of the mill action game.

I am still confused to this day on why capcom chose to try to tinker and fix something that was not broken in the first place.

Solidus187-SCMilk2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Geez guy, I like RE4 and 5, 4 is a good action game, but I think RE 4 and 5 are taking the series in the wrong direction, thats my opinion as someone who has been playing the series from the beginning and played every main game.
Instead of making an awesome updated survival horror game with RE 4/5, they turned the series into a good action game.

What really is weird is that they almost kept the same controls from when it was a survival horror game with fixed cameras and put those controls into an action game. They made every thing about the series into an action game except the controls with RE4 and 5.

It would have been better if they went all the way and updated the controls when they got away from fixed camera. As it is now RE 4 and 5 are good action games with horrible controls(and yes Im really good at the game and the controls, but I know they are not good at all still).

They had to have the controls like taht with fixed cameras so you wouldnt suddenly change direction when the view changed, there is no reason to keep the same RE 1-cv directional controls when they changed it to an over the shoulder action game.

I think 4 is a great game and better than 5, it has a much more RE atmosphere than 5. But I also think that starting with RE 4 capcom has taken a VERY UNIQUE series and the best survival horror series and turned it into a Good action series with bad controls. And IMO there are plenty of action games with bad controls and pretty much NO good survival horror games. i think that starting with 4 the RE series went from unique greatness, to been there done that action with bad controls, RE 5 was proof of that.

I think that they should update the controls a little, I dont mind having to stand still to shoot but the directional controls are not fitting for the RE series anymore if this is the direction its gonna go.

I think that the best RE game possible would have the survival horror aspects of the old ones but have the over the shoulder view and updated directional controls. Im not wanting them to go back to preset camera angles and difficult learning curve, but they could make an over the shoulder, SURVIVAL HORROR game with updated directional controls, maybe the story from 2 characters perspectives, and it could be the best RE game yet I think.

edit- if someone tells me taht re4 and 5 are the best in the series then I know that they were not huge fans of the series from the beginning and that they want an action game not SURVIVAL HORROR.

In the old RE games, you were fighting for your life and just trying to survive and were at a disadvantage compared to the enemies. Re4/5 you are a walking tank and have alot of healing items and bullets to blast your way to the end regardless of if you conserve them or not.

I would like to see a combination of the old with the new RE games to make an awesome and unique over the shoulder view survival horror game.