Last ever Black Ops Double XP weekend? Live for PS3 / Xbox 360

Product-Reviews writes: Black Ops double XP weekend for PS3 / Xbox 360 is live - is the last ever for this game? We think so....

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Les-Grossman2519d ago

I am sure that there will be one more the weekend before MW3 releases

PRHB HYBRiiD2519d ago

time to play some search and destroy then (:

fluffydelusions2519d ago

Sold my copy ages ago and put it towards BF3.

PygmelionHunter2519d ago

That was unnecessary but if it does make you feel better...

BlueEye2519d ago

Nah, many other games with multiplayer that used an exp system often had random double exp weekends, plus there will be many other CoD based events such as MW3's release, MW3 map pack, CoD XP 2012(?) and just at random times. Or maybe during summer or christmas or easter and so on.

beavis4play2519d ago

with all of the zombies maps i have - BO will be getting hit by me and everyone on my friends list for a LONG time.......come on treyarch, forget this CoD/MW nonsense and make full, retail zombie game!!!!

Getowned2519d ago

yes please. Call of duty: Zombie Warfare

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