OXM UK: FIFA 12 Review

OXM UK: "Want more goals with your FIFA? You've got more goals with your FIFA. The irony is that while EA has chiefly altered the defending in this year's FIFA 12, the game has become more about attacking. As a knock-on effect of this year's changes, it's easier to dribble, and hence score. All our matches seem to be 2-2 or 3-2 thrillers. It's a bit like constantly watching Tottenham..."

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fluffydelusions2407d ago

Nice score, had fun with the demo.

pctrollv42406d ago

GOD! ea you let me preload but you wont let me play till the 30th!!! you suck! i want to play so badly!

monkeymagik2406d ago

I thought the demo was slow tbh, and for the graphics it's outputting, not that impressed. Should easily be 60fps.

EA Can't code for shit,lol.