Top 10 Most Violent And Brutal Video Games

Gameofsummer - Violence was never ignored by video games developers, starting with the ancient “Mortal Kombat” and ending with the most recent games appeared on the market. And, with time, a real competition has started, a competition of the games that offer the most bloody experience to gamers.

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clesssss2494d ago

wow, its great and my personally fav. is God of war 3

NukaCola2494d ago

God of War III is by far the most insanely epic action game I have ever played. The violence is at maximum, the battles are mind blowing, and the gaple is flat out smooth!

clesssss2494d ago

this game represents greek mythology, the story is strange but the gameplay is awesome

cheeto1012493d ago

Need some Shadow of Rome in there. 2 words, bloody volcano.

TheMutator2493d ago

where is Condemned , maybe one of the most violent games i ever seen this generation

IAmTheTruth2493d ago

Remember that scene where Kratos rips off Helios' head in God of War III?


tarbis2493d ago

I was grabbing my joypad tightly when I was doing that.
And when Kratos popped Poseidon's eyes, I was pressing the L3 and R3 real hard. XD