Checking out the original Crysis on the Xbox 360 (Destructoid)

Abel Girmay writes:Many gamers cry foul these days at the linearity found in modern game design. Gamers looking for more open and adventurous shooters were given a saving grace with 2007's Crysis. The game offered huge amounts of space and all sorts of crazy superpowers allowing players to plan attacks and let our imaginations go nuts with the different ways we could complete objectives. Oh, and it was the prettiest game of its time.

Crysis 2 would later come out and be a hit for PC and console players alike, but the original remained missing in action on consoles. That is until now.

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kingdoms2492d ago

I didn't think it was possible to get that level of quality detail on consoles.

gogospeedracer2492d ago

Consider me in! I loved it on the PC back in the day. I can't wait to shoot down trees like mad and destroy every building possible! Hehe

Fishy Fingers2492d ago

Well worth your $20, even with the poor gameplay console folks used to say before the announcement ;)

soundslike2492d ago

I'm going to LOL when console players get the chance to realize: "Yes, Crysis 2 is a joke next to Crysis 1"

Eyesoftheraven2489d ago

Here is a HQ video showing off both versions in motion..