5 things to do to get you "PUMPED" for Batman: Arkham city

Yes I know Arkham city is still a month from release but there's no harm in being ready right? Besides this will only make the wait much easier. I'm writing this in listed order for maximum "batmania" effect. Do these things on the lead up to the release of the surely epic Arkham city and I can guarantee you playing Arkham city will feel a whole lot "Batsy".

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mafiahajeri2254d ago

Mask of the phantasm is EPIC! Im defenitely going to whatch it before I play. BTAS is really epic too.

Under the red hood came out last year its pretty darn good too! The dark knight on Blu ray is a real joy too.

cyborg69712254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

Batman year one comes out the same day as AC,if you really wanted to get batsy. Looks good to.

At hammer yes you are.

strange19862254d ago

Have you seen Batman: Under the Red Hood? It's pretty brutal and just awesome overall, plus the climax deals with one of the only problems I have with Batman as a character. Unfortunately, Batman's explanation (you'll understand what I'm talking about if you see it), isn't very convincing.

Quagmire2254d ago

Yeah, he says that if he "DOES" that thing he's sworn to not doing, he will keep doing it and then never be able to break away from it, and will only be as bad as the criminals he fights.

But Robin makes a valid point, he says not Penguin or Mr. Freeze, just do it to Joker. And I mean, Joker mustve racked up a killstreak of thousands of people by now, dont you think ending him will stop more deaths? Locking him up wont do him any good, since Arkham Asylum has some pretty bad security if he keeps getting out time and time again.

antz11042249d ago

Love that movie. My head almost exploded when I found out the voice of Bender was The Joker. He was great.

I would also suggest watching "Batman Superman: Public Enemies" and reading "The Killing Joke" and "The Dark Knight Returns": the basis for both Jack Nicholson's and Heath Ledgers performances.

Jack_DangerousIy2254d ago

5 things to do to get you "PUMPED" for Batman: Arkham city:

1. Think about it.

KwietStorm2254d ago

I've given it very little thought. And I am hyped.

KwietStorm2254d ago

You could also watch Batman: Under The Red Hood. Great, GREAT animated movie.

HebrewHammer2254d ago

Am I the only one who thinks theyre making some questionable decisions, like multiple playable characters?

Getowned2254d ago

not if they stick to the commics.the commics are amazing.

Getowned2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

How could they leave out The dark Knight Returns by frank miller!!!!!! you're a fool to love Batman and never read that book it's better then any of the movies,guys pick up some batman graphic novels you wont be let down start with Year one,The dark Knight Returns,Long Halloween,Killing joke, along with Batman: Arkham Asylum they are all amazing books you wont be able to put down!! :P even if you hate reading i'v had friends who hate batman and let them read a few batman graphic novels and they loved them. you can buy them cheap 5$-15$ worth the money.

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