IGN: FIFA 12 Review

Last year FIFA consolidated its reputation as the pre-eminent football video game, but nothing wilts faster than laurels rested upon. That said, a pitfall awaiting such annual franchises is the pressure to innovate simply for the sake of it, to make this year's iteration substantially different from the last. And so this year FIFA returns with a glitzy marquee of new gameplay features and innumerable tweaks.

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Rampaged Death2555d ago

Can't wait ! The new defending is bad but I'm glad you can turn it off.

Kur02555d ago

The new defending is awesome, you just have to get used to it.

Enmson2555d ago

Fifa did it again nice score!!

Ryo-Hazuki2555d ago

Played the demo tons of times. Can't wait for the game

gfunkera102555d ago


I was skeptical about the Tactical defending, but after forcing myself to learn and continually practicing, you learn the areas of the game it's most useful and works great.

Great score for an epic game.

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