EA's Origin EULA Inspected

With the Battlefield 3 beta and launch coming up soon, anyone who wants to play the game, will either be buying the boxed game and using Origin or they will be purchasing through Origin and using Origin. Your choices are Origin or Origin. With Origin clearly on the menu, Muslim Gamer take's a look at a couple of the conditions you will be agree to in the EULA.

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Hufandpuf2435d ago

Origin is horrible blah blah blah.

Mines well be me who says it.

muslimgamer2435d ago

Its not a matter of it being horrible, its a matter of knowing what is in the fine print and encouraging EA to make changes which make Origin better. As the article states, the more choices we have as gamers the better. Competition is a good thing. Steam being the only option isn't a good alternative, but with Origin's current state, Steam is a better option. I would much rather have 3 GOOD competitors to Steam.

Bladesfist2435d ago

I don't have a problem with origin. Sue me.

hiredhelp2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Lol sue me too. Origin has every right to have there own system.
Steam has no need be worried plenty of room for EA. Its like having a chineese take away next door to a chinees restraunt . The consumer chooses there prefrence.

As for this whole ordeal were origin likes to know whats on your computer.
Well steam does too. And recently found out blizzard is also done the same to me too.(star craft 2)
If helps them help us im ok with it. If its for survey use and for making choices for games better.

Note to ea having voice chat on origins xmb would be cool like steam has..