Eurogamer Give EA Playground: 3/10

According to the press blurb, EA Playground "captures the exuberance and nostalgia of your neighborhood playground". The clue is in the spelling of the word "neighborhood", as it indicates the author of that sentence grew up in a nice clean North American suburb.

They've clearly never been to our neighbourhood playground, where "exuberance" translates as 12 year-old drug dealers throwing dried-up dog eggs at each other.

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BubyDudy4045d ago

Too bad, I really liked FIFA 08 (the PS3 version) and hoped EA can produce some good gaming moments for the Wii. But it looks like they can't...

cooke154045d ago

umm.. MOH is getting 8's everywhere and Tiger Woods and Madden are also good on Wii. All EA games.