Forza 4 Interview: Respect, Culture and Kinect | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK: Forza Motorsport 4's Creative Director was in Munich to discuss the return of the racing franchise. Christian Gaca - Germany's GR Editor and self-confessed car nut - caught up with him to talk new features, Kinect and Top Gear.

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Jdub895O2493d ago

i noticed forza 4 hasnt got alot of attention lately on n4g. Game deserves it.

kingdoms2493d ago

When 360 offerings are solid with no weaknesses they get ignored by the majority of the members here to get them cycled through as fast as possible. It's a type of damage control exclusive to N4G. If there were something to bash or if a article garners too much attention from 360 fans then they would come or post articles.

Jobesy2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Well said...for someone who's insecure. Look at the front page, what do you see? BF3, MW3, and Gears 3. Tbh, Forza isn't on too many radars right now. There's too many better games this holiday, and if you haven't noticed Kinect isn't very popular among the core 360 crowd.

ironwolf2493d ago

If you did a search you would find a rather large number of Forza 4 articles. They just cycle through rapidly.

m232492d ago

There are quite a few, I think they had a preview and the embargo just ended.