Why does the fear of death continue to be gaming's primary motivator?

Is character death as a motivating game mechanic still really necessary?

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-Alpha2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

It's a good way to give consequence for action and therefore gives meaning to interactivity. Though, these days, even death isn't much of a consequence as games have come up with numerous ways to ease the consequence of death (auto-saves for example)

It's not just death though, the idea of failing in general is the primary motivator to do well. Death is the most common way to signal ultimate failure, especially when playing as a character.

Sadie21002493d ago

Agreed. If you can just restart over and over, who cares if you die?

NukaCola2493d ago

I think if a gamer loses some item or quest becuase of his failures, it can looked as as annoying. we want that 1005 completion. I like how heavy rain did it, where there were no continues or redos...the story never stopped.

getting the gold/achievement in prince of persia for having less than 100 deaths was a good incentive for keeping your butt in check.

MariaHelFutura2493d ago

Most games are about surviving, so is life... ironically. Failing is perfectly natural.

NagaSotuva2493d ago

The Prince of All Cosmos can't die, but being a disappointment to his father feels just the same.

THR1LLHOUSE2493d ago

It makes you *want* to die.


MasterD9192493d ago

What about the games that charge you in game funds to respawn like Borderlands?

Thats a primary motivator for me not to die...I'll run out of money.

zerocrossing2493d ago

It's not so much the death itself that holds consequence, but the fact I'll have to trek all the way back to where I F***ing died! Although knowing this always makes me play better, since I can't stand having to beat the enemies that I owned already, lol.

Soldierone2493d ago

There are many alternate punishments is all kinds of games. Losing items, spending money, getting the wrong portion of the story, finding the wrong clue, etc...Like stated above, death is the ultimate "you hit rock bottom, now fix it" route. There is nothing worse than death.

The better question is why do games fall to guns a majority of the time? If there are guns, you expect death, period. Meanwhile look at board games. Monopoly no guns, ultimate failure is going bankrupt. Risk, you dont use the guns, ultimate failure losing your territory....and so on.

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