I Played Dead Island and it was Actually Pretty Fun

William Pansky writes, "Dead Island is buggy, screen tearing is egregious, and playing solo is a bore; however, the four-player cooperative kill and loot gameplay holds a level of excitement similar to that of any other dungeon crawling, hack-and-slashing title."

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trainsinrdr2523d ago

2 major problems:

Save corruption.
Copy protection.

historywebsite1022523d ago

Never encountered either through my entire playthrough.

bumnut2523d ago

My main problem with the game was the lack of options in the graphics menu.

The popup grass is horrible

historywebsite1022523d ago

Yeah, there is some major pop-in. That, and the screen tearing got to me sometimes. I know there are tons of mods to fix a lot of the issues if you feel so inclined as to go and get 'em.

tack1292523d ago

Encountered the save glitch but the recently released patch fixed it.

Enmson2523d ago

Don't mind reiviews just try the game your self