How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love E-sports

Default Prime columnist Matt Hearfield discusses how the idea of E-sports began to him as silly and somewhat of a joke, and how StarCraft II ultimately changed his mind.

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T3MPL3TON 2438d ago

Don't have time, to watch other people play games I could be playing. It's not a real sport. I suck at real sports that is why I watch them, that is why a lot of people watch them. They watch them because Kobe Bryant, flies through the air like he has winged shoes on.. They watch because Wayne Rooney, makes plays like a brilliant tactician. Because they wish they could throw a ball as far and as fast as, Payton Manning.

XxZurg_FiendxX isn't doing a single thing someone else can't do. Stop watching him play and just play the game yourself.

fr00ty-wizenhymer2438d ago

Well you're missing out man. And, yes, it is a 'real' sport. Just look at Korean gamers, they treat the top Starcraft players like most countries treat their top celebrities.

E-Sports also adds so much to the community and makes a game much funner. It gives you incentive to improve. Watching is fun, especially if there are good announcers/commentators at the event. You get to see how others play, a lot of the time it is very suspenseful, just like other sports.

Spectator Gaming is very fun and if you reconsider getting into it I recommend looking up some Quake LIVE tournaments.

2438d ago