Crysis: New Console Screens

Today EA has released a new batch of screens for Crysis on home consoles and the visuals are quite impressive.

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danieldeath2404d ago

I wish they had optimised the original game in 2007 like they have done now , my 7600gt had a hard time with it ..

buddymagoo2404d ago

My GTX460 still struggles with it!

BlackKnight2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

huh? Your card should do 1080P DX9 max at 30FPS EASY.

According to this benchmark:

Running Crysis at DX10 at max (brutal) at 1680x1050 with no AA is 30FPS average.

What CPU you got?

buddymagoo2404d ago

I have an AMD X4 Phenom it runs ok at 30fps

NarooN2404d ago

Yeah man. That engine on Crysis 1 was just crap, unoptimized crap. They should update it, at least like they did with Warhead since Warhead was proved to be much better optimized.

Computersaysno2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Show me the footage. Tell me the resolution. Make me believe.

This is definitely something i want to see with my own eyes before proclaiming it as a great port, because i still doubt that this will make it to the consoles in full 720p, solid frames and not missing a whole bunch of stuff.

Its very very easy to take a shot of an area that looks good, and omit the rough looking bits. Cherry picking....

So lets see the game now.

Mrmagnumman3572404d ago

you are exactly right, a lot of people really think it will look this good. They are forgetting to look through all that crytek is saying about it being better then the pc version. It will probably be sub hd, and if so i will play it on my pc on high settings

BlackKnight2404d ago

Well texture resolution will have to be way, way lower, that is a ram issue. You can't optimize way out of not enough ram. The textures are already compressed far enough.

I need to find the article but they mentioned that vehicles and players and objects and so on will have reduced poly count and have more repeat textures on them and less unique ones. Also they said there will be less active AI, so you may be able to run away from AI easy on console because if you get too far away they will freeze them to save processing power. That is a big down side. Crysis was known for the AI communicating over KILOMETERS with flares to call for reinforcements.

And the other thing I can be sure of is the LOD settings. Pop in will be like it is in Crysis 2 or KZ3 or any other graphically nice looking console game. Pop in is a great way of getting things to look good since anything that is further than 15 or 30 feet start to look like shit (or are not rendered at all after a while) but that saves a TON of processing power.

Ju2404d ago

@guys above. Does it hurt much? (I get that feeling somehow reading your comments).

ProjectVulcan2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

I have been on the incrysis forums and seen again, solid evidence that the latest shots simply aren't from the console build.

This is because someone compared the draw distance on the PC version on very high, increased it to max via tweaks, then showed the distance on gameplay from videos seen of the console version. The shots of this 'console' version turn out to have greater than TWICE the view distance of the PC version on max.

If this is the case, I'll eat my ALL my shoes, and my hats too.

Looks like Crytek have been not been entirely honest about all their promo shots to me. The basic premise they have been delivering these shots in uber resolutions too should make one extremely suspicious. These are not framebuffer grabs out of a console when their resolution exceeds 1900 horizontal pixels!

They have the clear whiff of cheaty mcheat workstation devkit high res renders.

In short, bullshots.

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Jdub895O2404d ago

my 8800gt had a hard time with it. Weird because i saw other people playing it fine on high settings with an 8800gt.Now they have it coming to ps3 looking and running better. Did you have a problem with the framerate dropping like 10fps? I thought it was vista but no....I got rid of the pc. Let me down big time.

BlackKnight2404d ago

What else is your comp? CPU was a big factor in Crysis. That could be the 10FPS you got, the physics can get INSANE on the game and the CPU would need a quad core to keep up on the higher settings.

Jdub895O2404d ago

it was a while back, i remember it was a duo extreme. I even checked it on that site "canyourunit" It said yes but no. The game would run fine at times, i say almost 25fps then out of nowhere drop to 10 or lower. Counter strike ran smooth as hell. But this game even on the lowest settings still would be choppy. Any ideas what it couldve been? Literally THE LOWEST POSSIBLE! I was desperate lol

My specs of the pc of what i remember.
intelextreme duo
Nvidia 8800gt

BlackKnight2404d ago

Yea, a quad core with decent speed is what made crysis really not slow down bad. The physics is intense in that game, not just the graphics.

Counter Strike Source(or the source engine) is incredibly outdated compared to even Crysis 1/Cryengine 2. Counter strike had levels 1/20 the size, way less foliage which in turn was way less physics, no depth of field, no HDR (till later CSS updates), no motion blur (till later updates), less polys in general, simpler texture mapping (no parallax mapping, etc).

That's why there is a huge gap in performance.

sickbird2404d ago

This fall is such an amazing time for gaming, can't wait to play this. Been waiting for this to be put on consoles.

GodGinrai2404d ago

I remember when folks used to say this couldnt be done on console (including crytek). how times change. definetly gonna buy this. i liked crysis 2.

Triggs2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Yes I'm sure you're gonna like this game...I prefer this over Crysis 2 personally. It's lengthy and you've got lots of options on how to attack enemy strongholds (or a patrol) thanks to the jungle setting and multiple approaches. My favorite move is to uncloak in front of an enemy, grab his throat, throw him against his little friend, and then immediately cloak back. :-D

turgore2404d ago

Looks great. But videos are even better !

Ju2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Not sure if I am getting this. Have it on PC. But would like to see how that stacks up against that. My PC could probably run it at the same quality (PhenomIIx4, 9800GT). But I could not run it at anything higher than 720 in an acceptable framerate/quality.

BlackKnight2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

What settings? High DX9? Very High DX10?

I think your card should pull off DX9 with most on high and some things medium at 1680x1050 and get 30FPS+.

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