5 Reasons to Return to DCUO

GamersGameplay: "DC Universe Online has definitely had a difficult year so far for the Playstation 3. Freezing, glitches, and horrible interface issues made a large amount of the consumers not stay around after the 30 days free. Recently announced as going to the business model of Free-2-Play, there is a few good reasons to step back in the world of DC Universe."

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SteveThe1ne2366d ago

All that it took for me to go back.

beast242tru2366d ago

can i download it and play??

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Spawn-KING2366d ago

Wait till Oct/01/2011 then it be free for 2 characters,there are more deals,etc,which cost money but if your just making one or two characters it be free.

ReservoirDog3162366d ago

Wait, so do you need the disk to play it for free or will it been downloadable for free on the ps store?

CloseSecond2366d ago

I've not played it, the fact is was a subscription based service completely put me off. However, now that its moving to a free model I may check it out but what will this mean longer term for the game? With no revenue coming in from subscriptions will it receive the obviously needed patches/support?

SteveThe1ne2366d ago

There's a good chance it will get more attention this way, because other than the 15/mo revenue they are losing...they'll be wanting to release more and more stuff to purchase such as DLC missions, powers, outfits.

Hicken2366d ago

Yup, like everybody else, I only need the free reason to return to villainy. Can't wait to get in there and BLOW IT UP!

Quagmire2365d ago

Everyone nows you can only make ONE account, and that its LOCKED to the disc itself, meaning you cant resell it or lend it, due to the Account being LOCKED to the disc itself.