Ninja Gaiden 3 Is 70% Complete, Multiple Weapons Confirmed

Development for Tecmo Koei’s new installment to the Ninja Gaiden series is nearly complete. During the Eurogamer Expo it was revealed that Ninja Gaiden 3 currently 70% finished. The development team is now hard at work on the online mode, more weapons and polishing up the game.

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TheClown2488d ago

inb4 people start sucking Itagaki's balls.

beast242tru2488d ago

i wana play this really bad sigma 2 was off the hook i loved it

UnSelf2488d ago

dis is going to be nothin like sigma 2. prepare for disappoinment

Clumzygamer2488d ago

Yeah this is gonna be the shittiest gaiden ever.

videoxgamexfanboy2488d ago

Devils third is gunna shit on NG3

Tanir2488d ago

dude, devils 3rd is an online game that itgakai is going for 32 players at once, its not a normal action game.

think more of anarchy reigns or COD with weapons and guns and swords in 3rd person

FEARprototype2488d ago

i wanna see some multiplayer footage.
i wanna know how chaotic it will be^^