NowGamer: Skyrim Gameplay: 30 Minute Hands-On Impressions

Dave Cook writes:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is destined for greatness. The sheer scope and ambition that drives the game is nothing short of incredible, and sitting down, to finally play the game this week, we were able to see first-hand just how far the series has come.

If Oblivion was deemed to be the greatest role-playing game of the current generation, then Skyrim is most definitely the antithesis of the genre. Not only does Skyrim improve on every facet of what made Oblivion endearing, it simply knocks it out of the park.

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Hozi2490d ago

Nice read..was hoping for some new gamplay. This just makes me wish I had Skyrim right now. The graphics alone and how much improved the combat is-is mouth watering.

hotskys2490d ago

I'd pay double to have skyrim right now.