PC Revenue Outpaces All Consoles Combined

Gamers Nexus writes: "Let's break it down to its fundamental implications: as of now, the PC alone brings in more than every individual console, and nearly matches the revenue generated by all combined consoles. The key message, here? According to Tom "TAP" Peterson of NVIDIA, makers of powerful graphics processing technology utilized across multiple platforms, that message is simple: "PC gaming is not dead. That's a myth." DICE, the team behind the visual masterpiece that is Battlefield 3, seem to think equivalently: "PCs are way more powerful than consoles today. We're aiming to use the PC to set the bar."

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Farsendor12519d ago

well its good news for the industry as a whole,console companies will push the hardware to compete with pc.

2519d ago
ATi_Elite2519d ago

Once Publishers tailor fitted their sales plan to harness the strengths of the PC and the likes of PC Gamers......sales took off.

In other words: STEAM!!

250 million online PC Gamers worldwide and growing in new markets such as India, China, Middle East, and South America!

$17 Billion in revenue is a lot of chips with very little advertisement. PC Gaming is awesome!

sriki0072519d ago

yet. consoles get BETTER exclusive games.

reynod2519d ago

Lol wat?

What great exclusive are consoles getting this year? I only see Gears of war 3 and uncharted 3 as must haves.

sorry but i played Gears of war 1 on PC and wasnt impressed. While console exclusives are hyped corridor shooters at best.

iamgoatman2519d ago

"yet. consoles get the most OVERRATED exclusive games"


Seriously, the way some console fanboys on this site talk about their precious exclusive you'd think they were second coming of Christ.

"And so it was told from above, our lord Jesus Christ returns to us... on DVD and Blu-ray Q4 2011"

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