Halo: Why is it Love or Hate?

From Strategy Informer: "It only takes three notes. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played the series before; the theme seems familiar – almost like an old friend. As its intensity rises, it becomes clear. Halo 4 is here and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Perhaps the worst kept secret of E3 2011, Bungie’s follow-up presented itself to the expected fanfare. The internet erupted. “Yes!” they cried - a new Halo. On the other side messageboards wept as the FPS moved closer to its untimely demise. The trolls had already begun to light the fires. The fanboys were assembling. War is coming."

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LOGICWINS2523d ago

I don't understand how someone could "hate" Halo. Not liking it is one thing...but "hating" it?

rumplstilts2522d ago

Agreed, those games are too solid to really deserve legitimate hate.

lastdual2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

A rationally thinking person would not hate Halo.

Putting aside that the Halo games are among the most polished FPS titles out there, even if you have zero love for the series, the proper emotional response is DISINTEREST.

If you don't enjoy a particular game, it's understandable to feel apathetic about it. But when apathy crosses over to HATE, then you're probably a fanboy...

Angrymorgan2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Halo 2 on original xbox was amazing. The matchmaking, gameplay was all revolutionary and new, but by the time I got reach it started to feel a bit "bin there, done that" to me, hardly ever played multiplayer.

Not so hot on halo anymore but I certainly don't hate it

Anon19742522d ago

I've known people in the past that didn't find Halo to be their thing, but I've never come across anyone who hated Halo. I'm in the "love" camp myself, and even though Halo Reach was by far my least favorite of all the main Halo games, I was merely underwhelmed. It never bordered on anything even close to "hate."

How about you guys? Anyone actually claim to "hate" Halo, and if so, why?

ascarymonster2522d ago

I can certainly claim to hate it!

I started out as a huge fan and have invested thousands of hours into halo CE, halo 2, and halo 3, but I hate it now. With every release the game mechanics lower the skill ceiling and make entry easier and easier for new players. Reach just took it to far. The game trivializes skill in every aspect of its design. How could anyone not hate that?

Jinxstar2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

People can have valid reasons for anything. That can justify whatever they want to themselves. doesn't make anyone right or wrong. Just the way it is...

If I were to tell you and describe to you what a "Milked" franchise was would you understand it? Many people think milking is "Yearly releases" others think it's "Huge marketing budget with low game budgets" I myself like to believe the idea that "Milking" is something different and I hate things that are milked. Lets take Star wars for example. The movies were great. Revolutionary in the beginning. As time passed though things like rides, Mugs, Salt and pepper shakers, cereal, bed sheets, clothes, lunch boxes, books, comics, games, legos and just about anything else you can imagine has had "Star wars" on it at sometime. I personally love the old ones. I don't even mind them selling products. It's when they make a horrible kids show or episodes 1-3 that I get really angry at creators...

Others however hate the Constant bombardment of licensed products for brands being in their face. Jim Sterling talks about how halo is mediocre and the only reason it is what it is today is because Microsoft Commercialized the hell out of it. They force fed gamers the idea that "This is the greatest game ever" and people bought into it. I agree with this is many ways but I don't think Halo is "Bad" however I could see why some would "Hate" this.

I feel like ODST should have been 20$ DLC but Microsoft Cashed in and made it a full 60$ game that was 4 hours long and gave you MP that you already would have owned if you were a diehard halo fan. Oh plus a horde mode. 4 hours and horde mode for 60$ Pisses me as a gamer off. Thats like getting slapped in a face and if any company did that not just MS I would be saying the same thing.

Halo Wars... This is also nothing but a cash in. A VERY mediocre RTS based in the Halo universe... Should have also been 20$ Stand alone live game imo... Also imo a slap in the face.

The Halo remake is Awesome. For fans of halo it is a great deal and actually a fan service. Especially if they add a ton of extras like "making of" etc. I applaud MS for this one.

Overall I don't "Hate" halo but I think it is a VERY mediocre universe. a very average game and offers little to nothing new and innovative to the FPS genre. Halo CE helped revolutionize controls for FPS gameplay of home consoles. Halo 2 helped make online play via consoles what it is today. Since then however it's been a steady slew of cash ins, Overhyped games, Buy offs, and rip offs imo. I mean do you remember the 1000$ Shwag bags that MS sent out with Halo 3 to review sites? I don't "Hate" halo but I can see why some people would... I can see a lot of questionable tactics, reviews and otherwise with regards to the game... And after playing every single Halo game myself I can say I'm really not very impressed at all...

lastdual2522d ago

The problem being that you could cut and paste "Halo" with any popular series that gets a decent marketing push and make the exact same argument.

I generally find the "people are brainwashed by marketing into liking it" angle to be unrealistic.

A big marketing budget can push sales initially, but the returns generally diminish fast with each sequel if the products don't deliver.

When a franchise's popularity endures, it's usually because people actually enjoy it.

towelie12882522d ago

cant wait to play zero bloom slayer tonight!!!

Blues Cowboy2522d ago

I expected inflammatory drivel, but this is probably the most entertaining article I've read all year. Incisive, engaging, brilliant turn of phrase. I'm not sure that it ever actually answers its own question, but it's certainly one of the few opinion pieces that actually deserve reading. Makes a change!

As far as the question goes, I reckon that brand loyalty has a lot to do with it, as does the alternative coolness associated with publicly hating something popular. Halo hasn't revolutionised anything in years, but probably deserve anywhere near as much hate OR love as it gets.

Evildragon232522d ago

I don't understand how people don't like Halo it's one of the best if not the best IP created and each game sell's at least 10 million copies no other game on any console sell's that much.

Personally i think anyone who dislike's Halo even in the slightest is not a true gamer.

KwietStorm2522d ago

I'm pretty sure only one Halo actually hit 10 million, and that was Halo 3. Gran Turismo sells those numbers though, so no, Halo isn't the one game in the industry that is popular. Don't know why any of that is relevant anyway, but your last sentence is just stupid.

trouble_bubble2522d ago

I think you just demonstrated one of the reasons. The overzealous almost David Koresh like fanbase that think it invented gaming. You literally make up statistics. No Halo game has sold 10 million since the now poorly aged Halo 3. Halo Wars barely did 2 million. Why do you guys defend it to such extremes?

Pikajew2522d ago

I like Halo but people will hate it because they are Sony fanboy or Nintendo fanboy.

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