I Use Stereotypical Gaming Phrases to Sound Like a Gamer

GameZone's Lance Liebl calls out Alana Evans (with her site) and Megan Fox. He believes that female celebrities are trying to use gaming to their advantage and doesn't like it one bit.

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Pozzle2404d ago

I must admit, I sometimes accidentally refer to campaigns as "story mode". But it's more of a stupid habit, rather than me not knowing the correct word for it. Oops. :O

lance422404d ago

I think you get a pass because you probably don't look sticky all the time.

TheSanchezDavid2404d ago

I once saw a YouTube video with some lady interviewing a pornstar who claimed she played a lot of video games. It annoyed me because the dumb broad kept calling them "video game counsels."

These people are all idiots. Girls who play games can be pretty damn hot, but only when they're authentic gamers, or in some cases, non-gamers who are giving a game a chance because you asked them to. =P Like this one time I asked my big-breasted and attractive friend to play VVVVVV. Good times indeed!

Hitman07692403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

excerpt from article: "Soon, we’ll have Sarah Palin saying, “Oh sure, I play Call of Duty every day and pwn some Socialist noobs.”

Sarah Palin is a socialist. She would never say that. Obama is a populous. Learn yo chit mang if ur gonna bring politics in ;)

jokes aside, this doesn't bother me because they aren't claiming to be game reviewers they are claiming to be gamers. If ppl are gonna celeb worship they are gonna celeb worship regardless of the reasoning behind it. Celeb worship as a whole is stupid, not ONLY when they are fake gamers.

What really pisses me off is pretend reviewers who have no business speaking on games because they probably joined gaming this generation.

Also, the porn girls are ACTUALLY PLAYING GAMES, B4 UR EYES. So I don't see the point in complaining. If they "aren't real gamers" they ought to be by the time they are in their 5,000th hour.

whitezagetsu712403d ago

I agree with the opinion about Alana Evans But Megan Fox plays Viva pinata and Viva pinata and LBP are my 2 favorite games this gen and that makes her a gamer in my book

SolDojo2403d ago

I liked the picture in this article.