Battlefield Recommended Settings are for High not Medium

Revealed through twitter account.


This news has been posted because once when a fan asked what does recommended settings mean a person from DICE replied it generally corresponds to Medium Settings and then news spread that recommended settings are meant for playing the game at medium settings.But this new tweet proves contrary to that.

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Farsendor12406d ago

good news i didn't want to play this at 30fps with 2 6970s

Neo Nugget2406d ago

I honestly can say I never thought this was the case here O_o

Are recommended settings typically for medium settings...?

RedDead2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

I thought recommended normally means High? You're not MAXing it out, but Maxing it out generally means minor additions to textures etc AND a super high rez with super high FPS...thats the way I saw it anyway.

@ Flavor
High does not mean above 2600 X 1600. High means High settings. If you can handle High settings at 1080p and 30 FPS then good stuff(this is what i'm looking for anyway with 700 quid Pc), everything else is a bonus, however you can turn down a few settings and then get the full 60 FPS if ya like. my experience anyway, I dunno if these 'recommended specs' are trying for 60 FPS/.

Computersaysno2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

The 'settings' are often a little bit arbitrary to be honest...They are often extremely rough guidelines and you won't really know how a game runs until you see a benchmark to give you an idea or try it yourself.

There is not set standard in the industry, the developer just decides what to write- sometimes as a result its pretty inaccurate.

GTA4 for example the minimum spec machine struggles badly and is very choppy. The recommended spec isn't nearly enough to max the game, even at fairly low resolutions. 8600GTS isn't even close to 3870 either.

This happens a fair bit, like Metro 2033, those rec specs aren't even close to what GPU you actually need to max it at say 1080p or even run it in DX11.

Flavor2406d ago

High usually means above 2600x1600 resolution. in other words, medium is just fine.

CaptCalvin2406d ago

What about for the extreme, ultra, and maximum settings?

hiredhelp2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

for above high youll need a quad core. just for start. and a decent video card. cant speculate witch cos depends on as Computersaysno Stated,
(the developer just decides what to write)

i mean myself i have sli gtx 560 i can play metro 2033 fine on high and more if needed. but yet i try very high in benchmark on 2033. i get unexpected low FPS. even when running a i7 2600k at 4.7ghz 8gb ram.

its crazy but if i can run bf3 smooth with no issues from 30 or above im happy. if not im selling both cards upgrading. only had em all of 5minutes too.

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