VIDEOGAMER.COM: An hour with Forza Motorsport 4's impressive World Tour mode

"We're an endangered species, you and me."

This is the first phrase uttered in Forza Motorsport 4, spoken by none other than Top Gear presenter/right-wing poster boy Jeremy Clarkson himself. The environmentalists are taking over, the age of the Petrolheads is heading into receding hairline territory, and automotive fun in general is dying out.

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ironwolf2406d ago

How long till they bury this one?

18 days and counting.

Legion2406d ago

"The fourth entry in the series opens with you in an inordinately expensive sports car blazing through the Bernese Alps, a new track with thick roads and enough leeway to cruise down much of the track at full throttle." - It says track but then references the thick roads, is this game going to have road courses? I like Forza but always prefer games that let me dip through some natural road levels too.

BlmThug2405d ago

Bernese alps is a road which was made into a track