Conan pokes fun at Gears of War 3

XMNR: Gears of War 3 was undoubtedly is one of the biggest media releases of the Fall and you tend to get the attention of late night talk shows when you get that big. Thus, we get a comedy bit where Dom loses it over the breakup of R.E.M.

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Abash2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

I was surprised when Conan said "Gears of War 3" and paused for an audience reaction and only one guy went "Wooooo!"

LOGICWINS2437d ago

Americas dominated by Nintendo products...thats why.

Abash2437d ago

Uh Xbox and Gears are biggest in America. I just don't think Gears has that "Halo appeal", that gets even casual gamers to pick up a copy to try it out

LOGICWINS2437d ago

"Uh Xbox and Gears are biggest in America."

So? That doesn't change the fact that America is dominated by Nintendo products. More people own a DS/Wii in America than a PS3 or 360.

If Conan said the word "Mario"... at least half the crowd would have reacted.

sack_boi2437d ago

Haha that was really funny.

Of course, this isn't Halo or Call of Duty, what did you expect.

Convas2437d ago

I'm not going to lie, I laughed.

James Vanderbeek2437d ago

i might buy a 360 just for this game. i liked gears 1.. the story is weak but its still fun as hell..

this conan skit was hilarious

omi25p2437d ago

Gears 3's story is pretty good,

omi25p2437d ago

Have the disagreers played it or are they just disagreeing because i was saying something positive about an xbox game?

kx112437d ago


clarkjudo2437d ago

My insides now really hurt from laughing, thanks Conan. :)

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