Forza 4: 'Holding on to 360 has enabled stunning graphics' (CVG)

Tom Pakinkis writes:Forza 4 is bringing a graphical standard to the table that would make a lot of developers weep.

Turn 10 has hit upon almost photorealistic visuals for the latest version of its simulation racer and it's taking full advantage not only on the track but in its new Autovista mode as well.

Whether you're using Kinect in the game's virtual garage to stand back and take in the whole chassis of a super car or actually getting in the driver's seat to check out the stitching on the steering wheel, every pixel shines.

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Holeran2610d ago

Its all about optimizing what you have to work with. The more time they spend with any hardware that is solid and unchanging the more they can pull out of it.

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illtownNJONE2610d ago

Forza 4 in my eyes looks better than most games today

Si-Fly2610d ago

Vision express have a 2 for 1 offer on at the moment....

Boody-Bandit2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Damn Will scored an early copy?
Awesome man. How is it? /s

Must we, seriously, must we?
Put the peckers and measuring sticks away boys and girls and just enjoy the games for what they are meant to be, fun.