Dead Island gets second Patch on PS3

Deep Silver and Techland released the second Patch for Dead Island on PS3.

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jriquelme_paraguay2516d ago

Now i can finish one of my GOTY games!

Dead Island+BF3+Skyrim= My GOTY selection 2011

strange19862516d ago

So one of your GOTY choices has so many bugs that you can't finish until it gets patched? That would take it right out of the running for me.

jriquelme_paraguay2516d ago

yes.. so?
same happen with Fallout 3, but, i enjoyed a LOT...


Im Chapter 14... btw

phantomexe2516d ago

fallout was bad and i mean real bad way worse then this.

squallheart2516d ago

Finally I refused to play it after all the freezing. So far its fun I only have one grip. I wish it didnt have a lot of weapons that made you think oh look a katana with electric powers didnt know they existed in this quiet little island. I wish it was more barebone survival it feels arcady. Hopefully one day a developer makes a game that combines horror, survival and stealth. Yes I said stealth because if ure going to not have insane powered up weapons u have to be able to sneak undetected around those zombies. Thats survival.

WillGuitarGuy2516d ago

Wow Shin Chan, you sound dumb. Did you ever play Borderlands when that was released? Did you see the amount of bugs it had? Do you know how many people loved and still love that game? Bugs don't break a game, they just keep them from being perfect.

MadMax2516d ago

I havent experienced any bugs so far and the game is really good. You really are missing out man. Dont judge a game on a few bugs.

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Rainstorm812516d ago

I waiting for this game to arrive in the mail , hopefully they have most of the bugs worked out so I can see how good of a game this is..

strange19862516d ago

Well I suppose I should clarify my earlier comment. I'm not bashing Dead Island. In fact, I'm about 25 hours in and enjoying the hell out of it. If a game is really buggy (frustratingly so at times), though, I'd have a hard time putting it at the very top of my favorites list for the entire year.

I suppose Fallout 3 could be an exception for me, although I was fortunate enough not to experience too many crippling bugs, minus the occasional freeze which always pissed me off.

Anyhoo, that is all.

HebrewHammer2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Ive lost interest...

Jobesy2516d ago

Your post says otherwise :/

HebrewHammer2516d ago

Wrong. What I was interested in was what could have possibly taken them a month to fix...

One-X2516d ago

It's not even been a month and you've lost interest in this great game? Your loss, I'll be here with my Wakizashi plowing my way through zombies whilst you miss out 8)

HebrewHammer2516d ago

No thanks! i've grown tired of the level scaling enemies, broken co-op, dissappearing weapons, laughable AI, and lackluster narrative.

I'll stick with my Resistance 3 and God of War Origins Collection, thank you very much!

joydestroy2516d ago

f*** yes, finally! they pulled the first one so i hope they figured out where they went wrong. really excited about finishing this with my friends

TopDudeMan2516d ago

Maybe I should get this soon, then.

MGRogue20172516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

"Dead Iceland"


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