My Wife, the Casual Gamer, Reacts to: Gears of War 3

GIR's Josh Knowles takes his wife on a tour of GoW3, it can only be summed up with "Sausage fingers"

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LOGICWINS2559d ago

Would have been better if you did a video so we can see her reactions lol?

agentxk2559d ago

I'll have to some day, she hates being on camera. Thinks the internet will try to kidnap her or something. I figure that if we do enough of these and people continue to show positive feedback, she may just get enough courage to start to do video versions.

CrimsonEngage2559d ago

Who cares what your wife thinks. She should be in the kitchen not playing video games. *trollface*

clarkjudo2559d ago

Any wife that sits down with their husband to play video games or discuss the details of a video game is a keeper. If she loves to watch and discuss football too, your truly living the dream. :)

agentxk2558d ago

She is a die hard football fan. Our mutual love of the Vikings was an initial conversation point.

clarkjudo2558d ago

Question is, was she born as a Minnesotan as I am? Or did she become a fan because of her husband (or vice versa)? Either way, you are living the dream my friend (and neighbor?). :)