No beta on consoles for CounterStrike: Global Offensive, says Valve

Valve's Chet Faliszek has confirmed that the upcoming beta for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, will not be coming to the PS3 or the 360.

Despite the sequel to the 2000 cult classic being multi-platform, Faliszek stated that the company doesn't want to do a beta for the console.

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ddurand12494d ago

thats unfortunate. my laptop cant run CSS right now so i have no chance of running GO on it.

oh well. itll be a day 1 buy on my PS3 regardless.

clearelite2494d ago

I'll play the beta on PC. I will probably get the full game for PC and PS3 though. I'm looking forward to trying it with the Playstation Move, Nav, and the new official Playstation Headset. Happy gaming!

Getowned2494d ago

that would be first when i first hurd CS was coming to consoles i was like No keep it on PC but i actually just want to try it on consoles now and see how it dose.It sucks there won't be a beta for consoles But i really wish valve would focus on HL3! lol or a TF3.

clearelite2494d ago

No doubt and I think it will be nice with the new Sony Headset and PS Move. If they perfect the controls it will be a blast. I have faith in them, they have been pretty loyal to hardcore gamers. Check out the monster killstreak I got with the Move in the video I posted in the reply below. That was one of the first games to incorporate the controls and after not too much practice.

Soldierone2494d ago

Whats more interesting is we get to see whats better. Move, or mouse and keyboard players. I'm sure when people get pro with Move it will be a real competitive edge

GamerSciz2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I'm going to be honest here. I have been an avid CSS player for upwards of 5 years now. I really am not interested at all in CS:GO from what I have seen. It looks like a CSS 1.5 (updated textures, matchmaking system, and a few new maps). I am just not sold, especially if it costs anything more then $30.

I was hoping for an upgraded Source engine or better yet an entirely new engine considering how outdated the source engine is as far as max texture size and number of polygons per character. But that's another story.

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