Why you can't drive Forza 4's Warthog

Eurogamer - "They didn't give us tyres from 2525."

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NewZealander2524d ago

why even bother having it in the game at all?

if you cant drive it then it should not be there!

Yi-Long2524d ago

... they'll be selling it as DLC after a few months.

Hellas132524d ago

It would be more fun if u could drive it

NewZealander2524d ago

would have been more fun if you could drive it, why not do a special halo simulator track just for the warthog?

CrimsonEngage2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Must have missed the part where it's an "easter egg". If Turn 10 ever decide to get into off-road racing then you can expect to drive that bad boy to truly test it out off road.

Micro_Sony2524d ago

I wonder if the controller would work like in Halo.

I love driving in Halo games.

Axonometri2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

You can not drive a Warthog in the game because the Warthog has the most horrid god awful [email protected]#$ *@s handling in the history of anything with wheels.

Edit* It also holds the galactic record for highest rollover rate.

dirthurts2524d ago

Why would they allow a fantasy car in a simulation game anyway?
If you want to drive it play Halo.
I'm just happy you can at least look, but it is a pretty big tease there.

IRetrouk2523d ago

have you never seen concept cars in sims?, wouldnt this also be classed as a concept?