Dead Island Review (VoodooExtreme)

Rose_Wolfe writes:Dead Island is the latest in an increasingly long line of zombpocalypse games. It’s a "first-person horror action-adventure" that's a little light on the affecting horror, but heavy on the really rather enjoyable action.

The principle characters represent every genre of human imaginable; the feisty black chick, the quiet asian lady, the gangsta and the forgettable white guy. After waking up on a holiday resort one morning, they notice that almost every other human on the island has been transformed into a flesh-eating zombie. It becomes apparent that the four of them are the only ones immune to the ill effects of a zombie-munch on the entire island and they are henceforth tasked with a superabundance of quests of both the main and side variety, to help the small pockets of remaining humans survive the zombie onslaught.

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