The Dark Souls Review Diary: Part 2 (IGN)

Keza MacDonald writes:There are so many moments that define the Dark Souls experience. Moments of improbable triumph, of lucky escape, of superhuman skill; the times where you find a game-changing sword at the bottom of a chasm after running away from pustulous chimerae, or where you fell a boss with a dying blow, or where the enormous fossilized skeleton you've been skirting around suddenly comes to life and murders you.

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BlindGuardian2400d ago

a girl is writing those, nothing against girl gamers but I think it's safe to say she's not the best over at IGN and they should have have given this game to the best they have

she's almost scaring people away from this game, and it looks very much like Demon's Souls which wasn't really THAT hard, you just needed to know what you were doing, with a range character with magic from the get go you could easily beat the game if you were careful and never in a rush

IMO Ninja Gaiden 2 was harder than DS

MeatAbstract2400d ago

You do realise this is the person that wrote the Demon's Souls review for Eurogamer? I think they're pretty capable of the playing the game, she's just trying to get across that Dark Souls is whole new ball game when compared to Demon's Souls.

rdgneoz32400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

While I wouldn't go the female gamer route, from reading it a bit I can tell its someone that never played Demon's Souls. It wasn't a hard game, it was just unforgiving. So if you tried to rush things or didn't pay attention to your surrounds, you'd end up dead pretty fast. It might scare some away, but it doesn't change the fact that the game will win a good amount of awards like the first did.

Edit: p.s. As for her fight against the dragon, you can really tell she never played the first game and killed the dragons. The number of arrows needed to kill those two...

Goeres2400d ago

She's beaten the original DS 4 times. The game looks promising and she has not even been invaded yet! (imagine the invasions by release!)