Deus Ex: Human Revolution is missing 100 features... including a meaningful ending

OXM UK: Eidos Montreal cut augs, interactive objects in favour of "an immersive world".

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dirigiblebill2436d ago

I didn't like the way they implemented the endings, gameplay-wise, but I thought the endings themselves were solid.

Jam_sponge2436d ago

That seems to be his conclusion too

soundslike2436d ago

i only watched one of them and overwrote the save file immediately.

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SageHonor2436d ago

I didnt like the endings. I felt no closure whatsoever. You never find out what happens to Jenson, Pritchard or Sarif, etc. It felt like it left too much open. Even if i did see the ending afer credits.

Legionaire20052435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I'm going to bookmark this article cause it proves my point, many features from the last two Deus EX games were missing. Now I heard a lot about Deus EX 1, but I started from Deus EX: 2 Invisible War. Invisible War was much better than Human Revolution in many ways too. The endings in Invisible war, were much more of an effort than Human Revolution. You can also have several saves during the last mission to go back and try different endings, but you still have to make an effort to get them. Not like the (Spoiler alert) 4 button endings of Human Revolution that requires no effort to get them. Invisible War you had many side quests, and fractions in the main story constantly getting you to side with them. What happen to that type of gameplay from this? All you get is very little so called hidden side quests, Metal Gear and Splinter Cell stealth gameplay, and hacking, a mandatory augmented you must get or you will not get anywhere. the game is deep on the action and story, but could of been so much better. Go ahead and download Deus 1 and 2 on steam or Direct2Drive for $10 bucks play those games and you will see what I am talking about. Many people hated Invisible War, but I am one of the few who liked it for what it is.