PlayStation Vita Gets Its First Hello Kitty Game

Dorasu is attempting to target a different market than the PlayStation Vita’s line up of core games. They announced Hello Kitty & Me! Block Crash V for Sony’s next handheld.

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supremacy2275d ago

See that's a start, vita is already catering many different audiences and its not even about.

cpayne932275d ago

I predict 2 sales worldwide.

beast242tru2275d ago

even though its crap 2 me glad they are making it more sales is best for everyone

yabhero2274d ago

I thought only Nintendo was allowed to have shovelware... guess sony fanboys were wrong

smashcrashbash2274d ago

So because its Hello Kitty that automatically means its shovelware? Hello Kitty is one of the most popular things in Japan.BTW what is with the Nintendo is 'allowed' to have shovelware? Is that some type of new law or something?

yabhero2274d ago

I personally consider Hello Kitty shovelware... I was commenting on how sony fanboys say that nintendo systems are loaded with shovelware but PS system dont have any