HQ4Games: Metal Gear Solid RISK Game

That’s right, the epic video game series Metal Gear Solid has it’s very own version of the popular board game Risk! Risk is a classic world domination game, which is still to this day one of my favourites. The game can be played in a few different ways; some may stick strictly to world domination where others may wish to incorporate the mission cards into their game, creating an elongated version of the game. There have been other versions of the board game, such as the futuristic Risk or the Lord of the Rings Risk. The Metal Gear Solid version is, to my knowledge, the first video game version of the epic board game.

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Shojin12522d ago

Kewl. Maybe I will see it available locally...

HQ4Games2522d ago

Yea I am hoping to see it in stores, and not have to find it online.