Metacritic Bans Review Bombers

Metacritic doesn't just aggregate the arbitrary scores that professional reviewers assign to subjective works such as video games. It aggregates the arbitrary scores anyone can apply to subjective works such as video games. This has all sorts of fun applications, such as abuse. So, recently Metacritic banned a bunch of spam accounts set up to slag Bastion and Toy Soldiers: Cold War for no good reason.

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iamnsuperman2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

This happens all the time at metacric especially with big exclusives. Its either rated a 10 or a 0 by people who clearly have never played it. Good on metacritic to ban them. Its really sad to do that. Some people really do not have lives. they might as well get rid of user reviews or do the process N4G does and have them moderated by the comunity or the mods