Kotaku: Dark Souls: My First 24 Hours in Hell

Kotaku: I'm now 24 hours into Dark Souls, the successor to 2009's brilliant and challenging role-playing game Demon's Souls. I have, of course, died many times in my struggle to become un-undead. I have killed a half-dozen of its major demons, explored deeply its open world, but have just barely begun to scratch its hard surface.

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TopDudeMan2487d ago

Words can't express how much I envy this guy. Mind you, we don't have long to wait.

Crystallis2487d ago

Agreed. I just watched a video from the TGS on youtube with some Japanese guy playing it and it looks like so much fun. He was fighting a dragon and out of nowhere another dragon comes along, so hes fighting two dragons at once, as if the first dragon by itself wasnt hard enough. That kind of challenge excites me..cant wait for this game in two weeks.

TopDudeMan2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

I saw some footage too at E3 and either the game was hard or the guy playing it was terrible (I think it was actually a combination of both) and it just looked so good. Also, the sun makes an appearance in this game, making things look less gloomy.

And yeah, I really want that same challenge I had when I first picked up demon's souls.

FanboyPunisher2487d ago

Exaample of gaming addicts/feens 101.

Tanir2487d ago

Need...this....more....than... ..air......*Blood stain shows Me sitting down playing, not breathing then dying like a moron*

FunAndGun2487d ago

"Help, this dudes in trouble, please recommend his message."

TopDudeMan2487d ago

Rating: 137. Aww hell, I'll recommend it since everyone else is doing it.

flyingmunky2487d ago

I was literally drooling as I read his description of the game. This game is going to eat my soul.

Zomboid-G2487d ago

Be warned: While a good read, it's a bit spoiler-y.

BigBoss072487d ago

Just spent 120 bones to pay for this and RAGE. The "Rush" begins Oct. 4th. I'm going to be so broke after this fall.

TheGameFoxJTV2487d ago

So you paid for rage and RAGE. Lol

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The story is too old to be commented.