Sony: 3D visor to "revolutionise" games

Eurogamer: "Uncharted 3 will "take advantage" of viewer."

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THC CELL2521d ago

I will be getting these day one.

morganfell2521d ago

I just need a launch date and a retailer.

Bull5hifT2521d ago

ill buy when they make it 1080p Screens to watch my blu-rays in all there glory and add headtracking and can use them while playing COD on my Vita on a long trip in the Car or Plane.... Too bad people will look at you and think you just Really like Cyclops instead of realizing your gaming to the extreme

fr0sty2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I think it launches in November in Japan. however, I'd hang on a bit... we wrote an article a few months back talking about how this would be used for gaming, and it would need internal sensors for tilt, etc. to provide lag free tracking of where you turned your head so that you could look around in a virtual world. PSEye could track your head, however the processing time may not be suitable for an immersive experience. You need instant feedback if you're turning your head and looking around you, not any sort of delay that might leave you dizzy. I imagine they will eventually launch a version of this with that capability once they get it's cost down to a reasonable amount. It's in the $600-800 range right now.

guitar_nerd_232520d ago


If it were 1080p then the 3d would be locked to 24fps, thats the HDMI 1.4a standard.

720p 60fps 3d or 1080p 24fps 3d (like a blu ray)

Spinal2521d ago

Now this is 3D tech ive been waiting for. Fcuk all that 3d glasses lets get inside the virtual world with the visor.

Forget kinect an Move. Bring this visor shit!

bumnut2521d ago

It is nothing like kinect or move, its just a display.

It would be cool if it supported head tracking and you could look around the game world.

Denethor_II2521d ago

"It is nothing like kinect or move, its just a display."

A double display. One for each eye.

DarkTower8052521d ago

@bumnut, I think he was referring to move and kinect as gimmicky and not really adding anything to gaming. These visors however can add a level of immersion alot of people want.

Spinal2521d ago

^^ DarkTower805 Gets it :)

darthv722521d ago

it cant really add any more immersion than the 3d that is already available. It can create a more isolated effect but it is still very similar to what is out now.

Sony is probably working on the next version of move and possibly this visor will come out later with a small pseye type of camera to see without removing the visor. Perhaps even gyroscopes to tell the placement of the image as you are looking around.

That would be the immersion people are wanting.

specialguest2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Aside from the OLED 720p screens on each eye, this head mounted display doesn't even have head-tracking.

Head-tracking is what makes virtual reality what it is. This means that when you look up, down, left, right, etc, it's like using your analog stick to look towards those direction, but without actually moving your analog stick.

Head-tracking isn't even new tech, it's been around for ages. I have no clue why they did not include it.

Just noticed FragGen already beat me to the head-tracking point.

2521d ago
zeeshan2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I highly doubt we'll have headtracking with this. That is simply not going to happen at least with Visor. Maybe Visor 2 or Visor 3 will do it when hopefully PS4 is also out but I don't see complete virtual worlds with headtracking coming in full effect at least for another 2-3 years or maaybbe more.

Having said that, I think this product is MUCH BETTER than a 3d TV. You will be totally INSIDE the game and you won't be seeing anything else but just the game. Which is awesome but brings me to my next point. This can also be a little dangerous. You'll be totally blind to the rest of the world and you won't even know sh** if someone broke into your house or if someone's calling for your help. You get the point :)

However, that won't stop me from getting this amazing tech. Sony can REALLY change the whole gaming concept. It can truely bring a huge revolution in video games. I hope Sony does it right! Go Sony... GO! Lets see how much this will cost us. I am already broke :(

fr0sty2520d ago

Now imagine merging this with Move and head tracking so you can hold a move in each hand, and be able to look around. It knows where your hands are in 3D space, allowing you to interact with virtual worlds in full 3D.

killcycle2520d ago

How much do you think 1 will cost?
Wanna play games with your whole family being able too see to then you gotta buy what 4+ of these?

Plus it's right next to your eye's is that even healthy?

I think 3D Tv's are the way forward if anything 3D.

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FragGen2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

They look compelling... but call me back when they cost half as much and more importantly SUPPORT HEAD TRACKING, that's when the VR stuff will get less V and more R for me.

Tech this new will always take a bit to get the kinks worked out and ends up being a waste for early adopters on a budget.... The second gen will be way cheaper and perform 10x better.

Will definitely keep my eye(s) on it so to speak, though. LOL. It does look promising but is still probably not ready for prime time, I'll bet.

DaCajun2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I agree with you but this is not new tech, it's actually been around for a while just with lower definition and some do have head tracking. These just use those OLED screens which help it achieve HD. I tried a similar one from another company about 4 years ago and it made my eyes hurt worst than wearing 3D glass, too much eye strain. Hopefully these have fixed any of those issues but I still think it won't take off anytime soon.

SilentNegotiator2521d ago

I think it's more of an evolutionary step than a revolutionary one. Having a TV strapped to my face won't "revolutionize" anything.

Crazyglues2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

So your getting these day one, well ok, they cost 800 dollars... LoL

-But on the upside they do seem pretty cool...


Septic2520d ago

Of course you would THC lol.

You would buy a butt-plug if it was endorsed by Sony ;) J/k

I'd only buy this if research confirmed that this was 100% safe to use on the eyes.

xabmol2520d ago

Not one thing is 100% safe for your eyes.... If you have ever opened them they're damaged. Also, staring at a TV screen for any extended period of time has been proven to damage eye sight.

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DaTruth2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

"Picture the scene," begins Sony's latest pitch. "You're sharing your television with friends, and while they watch the latest blockbuster movie, you decide you'd rather get a high speed kick from Gran Turismo 5."

"Normally, short of grabbing the TV remote and upsetting your mates, there'd be little to do except sit and quietly imagine the thrill of the Nurburgring at 200 miles per hour, while waiting for the movie's credits to roll..."

They will also get upset when you turn off the Blu-ray player(PS3) and start gaming while they are stuck staring at a blank TV! They will be more upset, since they could have at least watched you play the game!

DragonKnight2521d ago

I was going to disagree with you, because I was thinking "Well Sony can implement a feature where a movie and a game can run at the same time on the PS3" but then I thought "unless they're watching a Blu-Ray disc and you don't have a Digital copy of the game, and even then there's bound to be some kind of interuption as you switch over."

You make a good point. I don't know how Sony will be able to get a game and a movie running at the same time on the PS3. This would only work if you have a separate player for Blu-Ray's.

gumchewinasskikr2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

How about they just change the freaking input on the TV and watch some cable. Guess you didn't think of that. OR get their own damn PS3!!!

DragonKnight2521d ago

You've missed the point entirely. Sony is trying to pitch this by saying you can watch a Blu-Ray movie and play a PS3 game at the same time. Unless the game or the movie is digital, it won't work. If both are on discs, you're screwed unless you have a standalone player which pretty much renders this pitch pointless and inaccurate.

gumchewinasskikr2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I know what they are getting at but still I just tell my friends to get their own PS3 and stop freeloading!

Sony should use this idea in their next commercials.

Septic2520d ago

Haha you joka gumchew.

DaTruth2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Actually, it was just a joke, thought that was obvious! I would love to buy this awesome piece of electronic ambrosia! Maybe I should have wrote lol or j/k at the end.

But I will wait for the improved model that will release a year after this one and has head and motion tracking!

Obviously they could have been watching a movie on cable!

mastemikegee2521d ago

"Plugging right into 3D games and movies couldn't be simpler," Sony explains. "Use an HDMI cable to connect the Personal 3D Viewer to your PS3 system and you're ready to go....."

I know you were joking but it seems you can't even have the tv and the visor at the same time on the ps3! The ps3 doesn't have 2 HDMI outputs right? Also, i thought this was gonna be wireless!!

cpayne932521d ago

In all honesty, I would think that you would do stuff with your friends when they come over, watch a movie together or play games together. Seems wierd just to ignore them and play a game by yourself. Unless you're room mates or something.

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TopDudeMan2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

It's a step into the future and sounds pretty neat but I'd imagine it'll be really expensive so there are pros and cons.

Edit, just saw the price, it looks good but not £480 worth of good. I could get a new TV for that.

tarbis2521d ago

That was converted from the Japanese yen. Don't convert prices from yen directly. Remember electronics in Japan are hella expensive.

TopDudeMan2521d ago

Well, who knows what price it actually gonna be over here. I'd maybe get it if it was around £100. But I wouldn't pay any more than that. It's interesting technology though. You have to admit, we are moving into the future.

NukaCola2521d ago

I watched a thing on this on youtube. They were estimating the price to be about $800 USD. That is pricey but it's cheap for new technology and it will get smaller and better and the price will go down. I would still love to at least demo this thing. It looks really awesome. It's like a futuristic Virtual Boy but they said the headaches wont come with this one.

Ddouble2521d ago

I think it would be around £700 which is even way more expensive but at the same time it could probably be one of the best investments you make. Imagine the possibilities with this thing.

Definitely going to try it out in a Sony store. Also preorders are up in other european sony websites so can get estimate the price from there.

beast242tru2521d ago

its really expensive plus im not too sure if it will be safe for ur eyes

DigitalRaptor2521d ago

Yeah I can't imagine it's any good for your eyes, but I bet it will be goddamn amazing!

Baka-akaB2521d ago

I like 3d , but no , not interested . I dont want at all anything preventing me from seeing what's up in the "outside world"

kneon2521d ago

But blocking out the outside world is the whole point. You'll get much more immersed in the game when you can block out all that nasty reality stuff :)

Baka-akaB2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I know , wich is why i acknowlege it is not for me period .

I also wear glasses . I'm fine iwith the usual 3d glasses on top , but this ? no its another level i'm not interested into .

I have no immersion issues with my huge screen , and at least when i wanna break off said immersion , i just look away and go answer the ring at the door :p .

The day it's normal glasses sized , then maybe ... but the whole cyclops helmet visor thing ? nope , not interested

Ddouble2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Gizmodo France (Once you translate the page) are saying that you can wear glasses without any discomfort. They tried it with GT5 and Resistance

"good news for those who wear glasses, you can keep them without experiencing discomfort"

hardcorehippiez2521d ago

youve no need to worry about glasses because each screen in the visor is fully focus (able)? so you will be able to focus it for your vision settings and because you can do that it shouldnt strain your eyes. this is the full immersion in games ive always wanted since playin vr in the arcades years ago.